It's Back: BenQ 1655 Retail $37 @ Newegg

Retail model. Too bad shipping is 6 bucks.


Looks like they only have [B]5[/B] in stock - buy [B]NOW!!! [/B] if y’all want one-eh! :iagree: :iagree:

Finally I got a spare, even at 45.00 delivered for the retail is not bad. :clap: Thanks BigMike7, I owe you one my friend.:iagree:

Out Of stock. Well, I guess I will get the Liteon for 40.00 instead.

The “PAYPAL10” free shipping code expired already?

I was in such a rush before they sold out I forgot to use it. LOL.:iagree:

Not a problem , you got yourself a great drive :clap:

It is still available here in Egypt for 30$ (retail) but I already have 1640 , Pio 111L , LiteOn 20A1P and LG H42N in the way :bigsmile:

Yo minaelromany-

The 1640 is a better drive-IMO-eh!

I love my 1640 too!!! One of these days its gonna die and i’ll be real sad when that happens.

The CompUSA rebadged 1640 is starting to reappear on the shelves if your looking for a spare to stash away. :slight_smile:

There are tons of DW1640 in the Manhattan,NY superstore CompUSA. They are not cheap though, I was there last week and they were 69.99USD. Maybe wait till a sale comes along cause they ship anywhere. :iagree:

Which drives are these? The CompUSA branded drive with the DW1640 part number is listed at $49.99 online, is the drive in stock in the Manhattan store a different SKU?

Also, how does one order something from a specific store? I’d assumed if I order online that the drive would ship from whichever store had stock and was the closest, which in my case would be the Rochester store.

I grabbed a 1640 a few months back when ZZF had them briefly in stock, and am regretting not ordering more. I wouldn’t mind picking up a 1650/55 if I catch one in stock, but I really want one or two (or 10) spare 1640s to fall back on in the event that this one fails.

Edit: Apologies for going slightly off topic with this post. On a more relevant note, not only is the 1655 now out of stock, but the link now arrives at an open box DQ60. Newegg is taunting us!

With the little use of my 1655 i think my 1640 burns better.

That link opens to an OEM model, not retail. In addition it states it’s an OPEN BOX.

Have you checked recently alan? The price has recently been lowered. :clap: CompUSA SKU 320105, are now listed at 49.99.

Yeah i know, that’s because they sold out in like 30 minutes… :a :sad:

Got mine over a year and a half ago at Microcenter, retail version for like 40 bucks out the door. I told myself back then to get another but…regret is a biatch!

In addition to that, it’s a DQ60 :Z :Z :Z and not a DW1655. :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant believe how much these drives go for on ebay, but if you really want one, this guy is selling two brand new DW1655 each for $72.00 + $9.00 Shipping:

Well , I just got one 1640 retail for about 35$ , I saw it and couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I am gonna save this one till my other one dies :bigsmile: :

Do you think guys that I can get as many as I can and sell them on ebay for 45$+shipping ? :wink: