It's an interesting story about an AUDIO CD with K2Audio, a DVD Toshiba SD-m1502



and, of course, CLONECD

Hi all. I have some information to comment with you:

First of all, a friend of mine, lent me the EPISODE 2 OSB protected with Key2Audio. It was my first time trying to defeat an audio"protection" so i was very nervous

Buah, the protection is or very good or shit. Why do i say this? Because the first time i inserted the CD in my TOSHIBA SD-M1502, i could play all the songs perfectly and CLONECD detected it as a MULTISESION DISK. This is the information CloneCD showed (its in spanish, sorry, but you can difference the two sessions easyly):

Capacidades de la unidad CD:
Nota: Información procurada por la unidad CD. Puede ser imprecisa. ¡CloneCD no usa esta información!
Fabricante: TOSHIBA
Producto: DVD-ROM SD-M1502
Revisión: 1012
Puede leer discos CD-R: Sí
Puede leer discos CD-RW (Regrabables): Sí
Puede leer discos DVD: Sí
Puede leer discos multisesión: Sí
Puede leer discos de audio digital: Sí
Extracción digital de audio precisa: Sí

Información del disco insertado:
Número de sesiones: 2
El CD contiene CD-Text: No
Espacio usado del disco: 822377 kBytes
Sectores: 358042
Tiempo: 79:33:67 (Min:Seg:Fra)

Información de la sesión 1:
Espacio utilizado en la sesión: 794815 kBytes
Número de pistas: 14
Pregap: Audio, Tamaño: 1378 kBytes
Track 1: Audio, Tamaño: 38977 kBytes
Track 2: Audio, Tamaño: 57414 kBytes
Track 3: Audio, Tamaño: 114970 kBytes
Track 4: Audio, Tamaño: 40535 kBytes
Track 5: Audio, Tamaño: 17966 kBytes
Track 6: Audio, Tamaño: 40769 kBytes
Track 7: Audio, Tamaño: 39352 kBytes
Track 8: Audio, Tamaño: 43817 kBytes
Track 9: Audio, Tamaño: 35022 kBytes
Track 10: Audio, Tamaño: 71777 kBytes
Track 11: Audio, Tamaño: 61039 kBytes
Track 12: Audio, Tamaño: 87745 kBytes
Track 13: Audio, Tamaño: 111754 kBytes
Track 14: Audio, Tamaño: 32294 kBytes

Información de la sesión 2:
Espacio utilizado en la sesión: 1378 kBytes
Número de pistas: 1
Track 15: Modo 2, Tamaño: 1378 kBytes

Ok, the CD was identified, and I tried to make an image to burn it. Well, i could make the image reading both subchannels and the others options dismarked. Then i wrote it with NON-REPAIR SUBCHANNEL and Now i have a PERFECT copy of the disk, but all that glitters isn't gold and here comes my "TRUE TROUBLE":

I ejected the ORIGINAL CD and I introduced another time. This time the CD WASN'T IDENTIFIED as MULTISSESION DISK, and I COULDN'T play any song. When I tried to make an image with CloneCD, DUMMY FILES, a lot of them, began to appear and the CD was read very fast (like it wasn' being read the audio tracks). Inmediately i stopped the reading and ejected the CD.

Normally, I hadn't introduced the CD another time, but the fortune or just my impatience, make me to do it. Strangely, this time the CD was recognized as the FIRST TIME and i Could make the image PERFECT.

Well, the question is: Why does the CD is reconized sometimes and sometimes is PROTECTED?? What such a protection is this KEY2Audio??

Anyway, I have my Copy than has been recognized four times, like MULTISSESIOn (so i suppose the x-files-behaviour it's just with originals).

Thx for reading this "book" but i wanted to tell you...

PS: My LG just CAN'T read the ORIGINAL CD. It starts to read, but it can recognize the CD. Fortunatelly, i have my Toshi :slight_smile:

PS: What the hell is a PREGAP AUDIO TRACK????


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PS: What the hell is a PREGAP AUDIO TRACK???
One post, in one forum will do :wink: