It's an interesting story about an AUDIO CD with K2Audio, a DVD Toshiba SD-m1502

and, of course, CLONECD

Hi all. I have some information to comment with you:

First of all, a friend of mine, lent me the EPISODE 2 OBS which is protected with Key2Audio. It was my first time trying to defeat an audio"protection" so i was very nervous

Buah, the protection is or very good or shit. Why do i say this? Because the first time i inserted the CD in my TOSHIBA SD-M1502, i could play all the songs perfectly and CLONECD detected it as a MULTISESION DISK. This is the information CloneCD showed (its in spanish, sorry, but you can difference the two sessions easyly):

Capacidades de la unidad CD:
Nota: Información procurada por la unidad CD. Puede ser imprecisa. ¡CloneCD no usa esta información!
Fabricante: TOSHIBA
Producto: DVD-ROM SD-M1502
Revisión: 1012
Puede leer discos CD-R: Sí
Puede leer discos CD-RW (Regrabables): Sí
Puede leer discos DVD: Sí
Puede leer discos multisesión: Sí
Puede leer discos de audio digital: Sí
Extracción digital de audio precisa: Sí

Información del disco insertado:
Número de sesiones: 2
El CD contiene CD-Text: No
Espacio usado del disco: 822377 kBytes
Sectores: 358042
Tiempo: 79:33:67 (Min:Seg:Fra)

Información de la sesión 1:
Espacio utilizado en la sesión: 794815 kBytes
Número de pistas: 14
Pregap: Audio, Tamaño: 1378 kBytes
Track 1: Audio, Tamaño: 38977 kBytes
Track 2: Audio, Tamaño: 57414 kBytes
Track 3: Audio, Tamaño: 114970 kBytes
Track 4: Audio, Tamaño: 40535 kBytes
Track 5: Audio, Tamaño: 17966 kBytes
Track 6: Audio, Tamaño: 40769 kBytes
Track 7: Audio, Tamaño: 39352 kBytes
Track 8: Audio, Tamaño: 43817 kBytes
Track 9: Audio, Tamaño: 35022 kBytes
Track 10: Audio, Tamaño: 71777 kBytes
Track 11: Audio, Tamaño: 61039 kBytes
Track 12: Audio, Tamaño: 87745 kBytes
Track 13: Audio, Tamaño: 111754 kBytes
Track 14: Audio, Tamaño: 32294 kBytes

Información de la sesión 2:
Espacio utilizado en la sesión: 1378 kBytes
Número de pistas: 1
Track 15: Modo 2, Tamaño: 1378 kBytes

Ok, the CD was identified, and I tried to make an image to burn it. Well, i could make the image reading both subchannels and the others options dismarked. Then i wrote it with NON-REPAIR SUBCHANNEL and Now i have a PERFECT copy of the disk, but all that glitters isn’t gold and here comes my “TRUE TROUBLE”:

I ejected the ORIGINAL CD and I introduced another time. This time the CD WASN’T IDENTIFIED as MULTISSESION DISK, and I COULDN’T play any song. When I tried to make an image with CloneCD, DUMMY FILES, a lot of them, began to appear and the CD was read very fast (like it wasn’ being read the audio tracks). Inmediately i stopped the reading and ejected the CD.

Normally, I hadn’t introduced the CD another time, but the fortune or just my curiosity, made me to do it. Strangely, this time the CD was recognized as the FIRST TIME and i Could make the image PERFECT.

Well, the question is: Why does the CD is reconized sometimes and sometimes is PROTECTED?? What such a protection is this KEY2Audio??

Anyway, I have my Copy than has been recognized four times, like MULTISSESIOn (so i suppose the x-files-behaviour it’s just with originals).

Thx for reading this “book” but i wanted to tell you…

PS: My LG just CAN’T read the ORIGINAL CD. It starts to read, but it can’t recognize the CD. Fortunatelly, i have my Toshi :slight_smile:

PS: What the hell is a PREGAP AUDIO TRACK???

Glad to hear you got a backup made. I wish I had a protected CD but don’t want to buy one just to test it.

Just noticed something… I have the same Toshi as you except mine is revision 1008 while yours it 1012. Is there some firmware I can get or something for my Toshiba?

go to

you will firmware 1816 for the toshi 1502
faster and more reliable at audio

rpc1 also



use the new clonecd v4001 and select copy first session.

i believe pregap audio track is a track that has a low index number…some drives are not able to see them when it is smaller then ???..

feurio (a very good audio copier/burner) has some information about it in the " help ".

i copied key2audio, Blank and Jones, with my toshiba 1612 and the latest clonecd. No problem at all…
(even with Feurio and EAC it is no problem…protection doesn’t work i could say)

lol…i was wrong…but it sounded interesting…didn’t it…hahaha

I get the same ‘true troubles’ if I let windows interfere with the protected cd. Like you can read over here you should always prevent Windows from accessing your protected audio cd. When Windows tries to access your protected audio cd, in effect the protection is ‘activated’. After that your drive is so confused it won’t read the cd anymore. Usually a reboot solves the problem.

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Cool! Very interesting site! Very good explaining pics over there! Especially this diagram

Yeah, I been holdin’ out on SirDavidGuy, Truman and others :wink:


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Yeah, I been holdin’ out on SirDavidGuy, Truman and others :wink:

Lol! :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, very funny. By the way those links are great - I’m going to be busy spending some time reading them… :slight_smile:

I also wish I have some protected audio CDs to check them out. All I have are audio in CD extra (multisession), but they’re not K2A or CDS as reported by ClonyXXL. These are very easy to copy because they conform to standard.

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Cool! Very interesting site! Very good explaining pics over there! Especially this diagram
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Damn, now that I’ve seen that diagram I think my head will explode… That was messy! :slight_smile: