Its absolutely amazing how cheap SSDs have become

960 GB Micron for 90USD. If I didnt know it was June I would think this was an April Fools joke., LOL


Yes the M.2 SATA III drives prices have fallen down to where they are comparable to the 2.5" SATA III SSD drives. I for one never saw the rational of buying M.2 SATA III drives because you lost the compatibility with older machines and they were not any faster than the 2.5" SSD drives. I guess you could have purchased a PCI-E to M.2 adapter for the older machines assuming that your older machine would support and boot up on the m.2 drive, but it still wouldn’t be much faster than the 2.5 inch drive. Now I will be ecstatic when the NVME PCI-e drives drop that low in price because they are 5 or 6 times as fast as the older 2.5" SSD drives giving you some real improvements.

I will probably upgrade to a mid-range 1TB NVMe SSD once prices fall below around £100 or at least settle for a few months unless a very good lightning deal shows up on something decent.

For anyone that’s running Windows 10 over a year with a regular SATA SSD, the biggest performance boost I got was creating a new Windows user profile. For example, with my original Windows 10 user profile, even web browsing has got rather “laggy” and I’ve tried everything from cleaning with CCleaner to even temporarily removing everything out of my user profile other than the obligatory ‘ntuser.dat’ registry database file. In the new user profile, everything loads a heck of a lot quicker, much like a clean Windows installation despite both profiles running on the same Windows OS (1903), same PC, same SSD, etc.

So for anyone considering upgrading from an SATA SSD to a much faster NVMe SSD, I suggest try testing with a new Windows user profile first. If it’s Microsoft account linked, you’ll probably need to unlink the original profile first (which I did).

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When I posted this I wasn’t really referring to any type of SSD , I was just referring to a 960GB SSD for 90 USD. Any type of SSDS for for 1TB (almost) for 90USD is a deal, as least for me it is.

Sure, but it is nice to have a SSD with a little bit of support.

Some rebadge-brands don´t offer anything, no Firmware-Support and no SSD-Toolbox

All of the boxes here now boot to a 2.5 SATA SSD drive becuase they are FAST to boot and finally got cheap enough. Also none of my machine have native M2 support but all have SATA ports. My newest box is a X79 2011 board with a 4960x, my next is a x58 1366 I7980, and my sister has a 1155 quad core of some sort me and my geek buddy threw together out of leftover parts he had including a SSD boot drive with 10. They boot and run so much faster and run quiet and cool. My first one was a 128 gig Sandisk Z400s and the latest two are Sandisk 480 gig drives that kept getting cheaper. I wanted more room for some of my favorite programs to run on the SSD besides booting fast, everything else goes to big hard drives for storage.

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