Its about time

Wow, I have always wished someone would invent that…

Euh well that’s nice, but I’ve seen these things for ages now… (that’s a little overdone, but they have been there for a while allright…).

Well, I don’t much care about the icebox but I am damn glad they invented what is behind Dr.Gee’s signature… :eek:

Cost way to much also

Huh,who else make them?Maybe I can get one cheaper.


Are you sure ?I couldnt find any.

They don’t post it in their public site. It’s on their top secret members only site.

I guess they would sell more that way.

Would prefer a tv built into my barbeque with images of the perfect thong,would be great on hot lazy days.Anyway the kitchen is a place where the wife is supposed to reside,why get her a tv she might burn dinner or forget to bring me my beer. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

On my side of Michigan…they actually have tv’s in the port-a-johns at local events…like i need a tv when I’m recycling beer…lol

and only 3 grand!

LG makes them also sold at Bestbuy, came out about a year ago.

Which side is that?h

SW side Dr.Gee, I’m on the opposite end of I94 from yah…:slight_smile:

I just bought a cabin in Sister Lakes(Dowagiac) :iagree:

I know exactly where your talking about Dr.Gee, I’m about 15 minutes NW of Dowagiac.

If ya swing over for deer season, mybe I’ll buy ya beer at Deweys…lol :slight_smile:

We closed up already. The boat is put away for the winter in Coloma. :bigsmile:
Maybe next summer we can meet at Scooter’s for some lap dances. :iagree: :eek:
Ever been to that place.

Have yet to make it over there, used to The Mermaid alot up in Kalamazoo.
Sounds like a plan though…lol :iagree: