Its a Sony ! (for the aussies)

hey people,

the local computershop has just got a shipload of those new fan dangle DL burners, for $265

is that a good price?? are they any good? i am currently on a LDW451s@851s


No I don’t think it’s good price , with Sony you are paying extra for the name and some times quite a bit extra, it’s made by LiteOn, so if you wait a few weeks you should be able to pick up a LiteOn for less and save your self some $$$$$$

I may be mistaken but its my contention that Liteon DVD writers are made by SONY and SONY CD writers are made by LITEON. It is a joint venture between both. Just as ASUS DVD writers are Pioneer with some minor mods.

No. The only LiteOn DVD burner ever made by Sony was the LDW-400D/440D, both of which are ancient (last year’s stuff). The current LiteOn burners and Sony 700A/D18A/U18A burners are all designed and manufactured by LiteOn. None of the major components are Sony-made, contrary to what some have believed.

Thanks for the correction.

i don’t think Sonys are worth it…

Not even if they are made by Liteon?

Well they are generally more expensive than the LiteONs.

nods Yep!

And to top it off, the firmwares that LiteOn makes for its Sony rebadges are not as good as the firmwares for its true LiteOn drives. That’s why so many owners of Sony rebadges end up flashing to the real LiteOn firmware. So why pay extra for the Sony brand name if you’re going to convert the burner back to a true LiteOn anyway?

I think that was meant when it was said that Sony isn’t worth it–that you can always do better by getting a true Litey.

Out here in India, SONY is easier to buy and is cheaper than Liteon. However ASUS has given both a good competition.

A cheap Sony? Wow, didn’t know that was possible. :wink: In that case, then by all means, buy the Sony… and then flash it to a “real” firmware. :iagree:

The Liteon 812, 832 and even the Sony DRU-700A drives are substandard in my opinion.

Do yourselves a very big favour, get a NEC 2510A drive, the performance is much better on SL and DL media.

The liteon drives are cheap, and by that I mean CHEAP and nasty.

The same is happening in South Korea. Sony DRU-700A is cheaper than Lite-On SOHW-832S. But they are only 8x max and both are more expensive than LG’s 12x max. Lite-On has become greedy. :stuck_out_tongue: