It's a hard knock life

This is just something I was wondering about…this is not for a job interview…so no PMs with applications and such :wink:

I am just curious about why people would like to be a mod/admin on this forum. I have received several PMs over the years where people ask me if they can apply for the position of moderator/administrator here.

What is it that appeals to people that they want to become a mod here? Is the the lust for power, is it the need for status, is it a way people feel they can get respect from others or do they want to participate in behind-the-scenes discussions?

If you want to become a mod because you want to help other people, you don’t need to be a mod for that…the best way to help other people is answering questions and help others on their way (to earn respect that way beats any other method).

I cannot speak for others, but being a mod here means that you have responsibilities, we expect a lot from our people…it is not an easy task. Furthermore, there are a lot of people misbehaving here…some of you notice (and use the report-bad-post button, thanks for that!), most of you won’t even see it because it is already cleaned up by our wonderful staf. People misbehaving can simply be out of ignorance, but also intentionally rude and for personal gain. To give you an idea, it takes me at least 1 or 2 hours a day to check up on things…not to mention the aggrevation every now and then.

For myself I of course know the answers to my questions above (I would have resigned a long time ago if it was really that bad), but I would like to know what you think, so feel free…won’t hold it against you :wink:

I think that to be a mod/admin must be a really hard work. I can only figure it because actually I haven’t many details of what a mod must do, and how many time it require. But I’m sure that is not a so easy thing.

I can’t figure why many people send you PM asking to become mods, but probably they have a no precise idea of what a mod/admin is and what must do.

Surfing on the forum as normal users is certainly a very different thing, because the only thing for a normal surfer is to enjoy the surfing, ignoring all that is of no interest, whereas a mod/admin must read more carefully a greater number of posts, to see if someone is violating rules or have a wrong attitute. I’m sure that it isn’t a so funny work. And the extra time required to do this don’t allow to follow carefully all interesting arguments. As I said, I’m sure that being a mod/admin is not funny.

If this is the reason, then this is a good reason to avoid such a person as a mod/admin.

I agree! There are many people here that earned a great respect because of their work, and not certainly because they are mods. Some of them becomed mods like zevia and crossg to say some examples, and I can say that they deserved it because are very friendly persons that helped many people here in the forum, but I’m sure that they don’t feel so powerful or better than other forum users. They only accepted to take on themselves some more responsability because they really like this forum and want to give their contribute to it.

Maybe Airhead can answer better than me to this thread, because until recently he was a mod, and maybe (it’s only a my hypothesis) with time he became too stressed to continue to be a mod or maybe now he don’t have anymore enough time to do this job.

Power only.

If people haven’t been here for a long time … then I’d suggest that they just want Instant Status.

Noob is kind of humiliating, but a mod/admin with only a single post seems DAMN impressive, as it looks like CDFreaks went out of their way to aquire them.

I myself, being one of the earliest CDF members do not suffer from such illusions of grandeur. I’ve been the mod of a (much smaller) forum (not CDF) and know the work involved weeding out idiots posts & I just don’t have the time to do it. :wink:

Sigh The life of a student is so easy compared to the real world :slight_smile:

Status/respect is really gained by knowledge & posted help as such.
Of course, a large post count also appears impressive, even if most of it was based in the living room :stuck_out_tongue:

the lust for power, the need for status, a way people feel they can get respect from others and want to participate in behind-the-scenes discussions

I also have my own forum :smiley: and love to have that lil extra status

And what about the big extra work? :stuck_out_tongue:

nah its not really that big a forum :smiley:

so not a lotta extra work to do but i mainly like to play around with all the settings ect making new rooms and stuff :smiley:

but here thats done already so i wouldnt want to be admin/mod
plus im not on as much as i used to be


No-one ever accused humans of being logical, or particularly brilliant.
/me equates the human race to the level of Homer Simpson.

But this is a really big forum, with a big work for manteinance and I still think that who ask to Tax to become mod/admin only for status don’t deserve it :disagree:

:doh: Debro preceeded me :doh:

I’d suggest they would be rather upset if he gave them that status :slight_smile:

Stupid Noob: Please, please, I want to be Like Atlas! Mod/Admin me!

I think you should want to become a Mod or Admin only if you care about a given forum and want to contribute more than just be involved in technical and general discussions and you enjoy doing it. But most forums consist of a hard core of regulars that form a small community and being an admin of mod, I guess, gives one the feeling of succeeding in that community. I assume it gives them a feeling of power and/or status with people they feel are friends and colleagues. Now, I use the words “guess” and “assume” because whether or not I post at a given forum is not important to me. So, as a result, I view it as perceived power and perceived status and not real power and real status. Anyway, thats my point of view.

DA_Tax - as you know it is not all parties at 54 and a woman under each arm (that is more like your accountant job right?) but more like tax collector, garbageman, school conselor and underpaid, under appreciated sherriff.

i think people who don’t know better view the job as a cross between a bounty hunter (Dee-27 as Domino :iagree: ) supercop :bow: :bow: complete with your own temple on Mt. Olympus.

unless they do the job they will never have any idea.

i think those who are the most dedicated, most giving of the members, end up as mods, but in think in the end they feel shortchanged by the amount they have contributed only to have some members do nothing but denigrate their contribution.

Hail to the work that the Tax and other have done in the forum … We all Hail you !!
and :bow:

Respect of the work you and the other Mods are doing

Tax…Dear…I feel that those who approach any admins /or mods for a position do so with thoughts of grandur of a new title…but if those people were the best in that field or forum or even thread then i’m sure the Mods/ and Admins would recoginized their talents and ask them on board…however I do know you recieve many compaints and private messages from all across the forum that just logging in to blow off steam sometimes gets second seating…i’m sure it takes the fun out of posting to do your job…but you do it so well…you are still feared among the community as a whole…shivers…so apparently you do you job to a T…and we we appreciate you tolerating us in the Living Room…:slight_smile:

Apart from myself of course, whom considers mods/admins as part of the furniture. A necessary part though, as the living room just wouldn’t be the same without them :wink:

I am fearless! I am Elvis :stuck_out_tongue:

I am god! (so no need to be a mod/admin!) :wink:

I’m starting to have some ideas of who stolen my bottle of grappa :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

No… really! I am… :iagree:

Anyhow… I think that a admin or mod should also be a good host, by providing in topics, giving advice and taking part in the gereral process. Mainly keeping things alive arround here. It’s also essential to know where a Mod/Admin lives in case he/she likes to play “god” on you… :wink:

People who like become a mod or admin out of the blue are quiet often nacistic and suffer from a borderline disorder. :rolleyes:

I would think mods have a lot of free time on their hands. I dont think I would have the time to commit myself to modding. I think most here appreciate all you guys do though! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks for all your replies, keep em coming…except for the sucking up ones…I didn’t start this thread because I needed some feathers… :wink:

Back to the original question…