Its a golf thread---Ahhhh! Run away run away

Yes I know, none of you care. Yes I’m aware that everyone else thinks golf is for old geezers and boring ones at that.

But dad gum it, I’m going to make a golf thread anyway. HAHAHAHA.

Went out to play today in beautiful weather, sunny, not too much wind. As soon as I stepped onto the first tee box, the wind speed shot up 10mph and kept on climbing all day. GRUMBLE, CURSE WORDS, GRUMBLE SOME MORE.

NINE KAGILLION PEOPLE ON THE COURSE. All moving slower than my Aunt Louise’s pet turtle. MORE GRUMBLING

The two guys I got paired with hit the ball a ton. I’m the embarrassingly short hitter all day. Wonderful. But I’m playing ok. Yeah yeah, I could have done without hitting it sideways into the water on number 3. But I nearly made a hole in one on number 4!!!

I make it through the front nine only 2 over. Then the wheels fall off. 5 more strokes over par on the next 5 holes. :doh: I’m dying off…

Then something happens, something that never, ever happens. I start playing better at the end of the round. Four straight pars, including two on the hardest holes on the course. Ended the round with a 79—the first time I’ve broken 80 this year! Happy happy joy joy.

So thanks for listening. You can make fun of the old geezer golfer now.

make fun of you …thats great a 79 !! whoot!!
i miss playing now i’ve got the lil one about …i just feel guility asking someone to babysit for me to go play a round or two…

i had a 75 last year and celebrated for almost 2 weeks :wink:

Damn, I’d give 3 fingers and 2 toes just to break a 100 (personal best is a 108 :o ). This is only my 2nd year playing. :rolleyes:

Good job!! :smiley:

BTW, this could probably be merged with this one.

I won’t make fun of you ;)…congrats, couldn’t have happened to a better person :bigsmile:

Thanks guys. Good to have support from the golfers around here. (and you too Arachne!!)

Sexy Southerner you do need to get out some. It’ll help keep you sane…well some version of sanity anyway. Belated congrats on the 75 by the way. Very rare for me to shoot in the mid 70’s and haven’t come close in a long while.

Would have put it in the old thread but forgot about it. Besides I was having fun last night typing in the first things that came to mind. Don’t get too discouraged by not breaking 100 yet. I’ve been playing 11 years now, and it takes a few years to get to the point you can play consistently. And even then you’ll hit plateaus, where progress seems to just stop for a while.

Walking around with a big grin on my face today. :bigsmile:

Good stuff :bigsmile:

You’d have loved it where I used to live about 15 years ago, Kerry - great big golf course behind my back garden (known to the locals of the village as just “Fairways”) - I may have played a bit myself, but alas I was studying and working 12 hours a day, so no time to enjoy it. Very relaxing to watch the golfers out my bedroom window, though, on days off :slight_smile:

Now I’ll leave you golf fanatics to it. Keep smiling, Kerry :bigsmile:

I’m always in the 80’s/90’s. You guys are to good for me.

I played with a one arm (right only) man yrs ago and he would beat me by a few strokes every time. We would get out of work early to go play golf and got paid for it.

Despite the apparent space in Oz, we don’t have many golf courses in Sydney …

And thanks to the drought, the greens we did have have turned into browns … and some into crunchy dust bowls.

I’m going for the first time in over a year tomorrow. I’m either going 9 or 18 holes, maybe even 36 if the weather is nice. I’ll tell you what my score is…IF i’m feeling brave enough to keep my score, it will be terrible, i guarantee it.
(for those of you confused about me golfing all saturday, my prom is not this saturday, but next saturday)

I shot a 39 on 9 holes. I wanted to do more, but i was more broke than i thought and could only buy 9 holes :doh: I need a paycheck soon. That 39 might be slightly embellished though…
there were “just a few mulligans” on our drives :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got a new driver (after missing most of the fairways today - I think I hit 4 of them :o ) to replace the timeless classic Big Bertha Steelhead I’ve been using off and on since I started playing. The TaylorMade R580xd, which I managed to hit straight in the test room at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I mean dead center :iagree: . I’ll find out how I hit it real-world style tomorrow when I play in the scramble for my work at the same course I played today. :bigsmile: Last year I think I drank more beer than hit good shots :confused: . This year = no beer :stuck_out_tongue: .

Let us know how it goes. Playing with a new driver just adds to the uncertainty. It usually takes me weeks to get used to one. Good luck.

I’ve had a pretty good summer on the links. Managed to break 80 about 6 times this year, with the best one being a 77 on a par 71 course. I think that is more times under 80 than any other year I can remember, so its been a fun stretch of golf.

The more i’ve played, the worse i’ve gotten. I haven’t broken 100 yet :doh:

Don’t feel bad [B]Wazzy[/B] , I’m still going for it as well. Been close, shot a 102 last week, and blew up on the last hole with a 7 on a par 4.

I’ve realized recently 2 things. The score doesn’t matter unless you are obsessed with it. And 2: I’ve got to get rid of my slice; my 4 year old went with me the the other day and on the last hole I hit a drive dead straight (something I’ve been doing more and more of lately since I got that new driver after getting used to it :bigsmile: ) and as we were going to the ball I asked him if he saw it. When he said no I noticed he was looking to the rough on the other side of the cart path to the right of the fairway, which means that he’s so used to my drives being there that it’s the first place he looks. :o

Also just got a new Cleveland Launcher 5W, getting used to it still but finding some success after hitting a shot within 8ft of the hole on a 158yd par 3. :smiley:

I use to have the Launcher 3W…was a great club…But gave it to a friend and got myself the TM R-5. Been hitting that one pretty good as well, just a bit longer than the launcher though.

Golf is a very funny game, Love it and Hate it at the same time! Been golfing for quite awhile, and have put in extensive amounts of effort and countless amounts of hours working on my game…but I can still go out and struggle to break 90!! Then, the very next day I all of a sudden can threaten to break par!! WTF??..Strange how we can’t get our bodies and minds to do what we want two days in a row!!..LMAO…

Here’s a good example of how convoluted golf is. These two guys I golf against for money have been kicking my ases the last couple weeks, while we were playing for $2 bucks a hole. And they’ve been hounding me to play for $5 bucks a hole as they do against each other. Finally, under the pressure from them, I agreed this past Weds to play $5 per hole…And what do you know, I win the first hole with a par ($5 from each guy), then the second with a par and the greenie on that par three ($10 bucks from each guy), then promptly birdie the next hole ($10 bucks from each guy since a birdie is worth double), and another birdie not to long after that ( another $10 bucks from each guy!!)…and all this before the turn!!
So each guy lost $35 bucks and wanted to quit, claiming that I was ‘hustling’ them???..Too funny :bigsmile: …I wasn’t doing any hustling (or was I?? :wink: )…,nah!! that’s just golf…LOL :bigsmile:

If I could get at least 75% of my drives in the fairway (it’s improving, from about 20-25% to 50-60%) I should be able to get mid to high 90s. I’ve been playing with mostly junk clubs for the 2 years I’ve been playing unitl now. That 5W was the third new club this year (driver - TM 580xd, 5W - Cleveland Launcher, and putter - Wilson something). I’m waiting until next year for new irons, the Vipers I have I purchased used when I first started playing, and aren’t exactly fitted for me, though I make due with them.

Lol i got invited to an 18-hole tourney…4-person teams, shotgun, best shot. I’ll let ya know how it goes…i do it on tuesday and it’s a really tough course i’ve played only one time. Should be very interesting…

Ok, I’ve got my spiked shoes, plad high-waters, a lovely yellow pull-over and a goofy hat with a red tassel on top. So when do we all tee off? I am all set:

Results of that tourney i went to.
We played way better than i was expecting. We shot a two over par 75, 12 strokes better than last year. One of our players was totally off so we were basically a three man team until the last hole. I had about a 100-foot put and ended up one foot short…it was ridiculous.

Well I’ve come down from the heights I hit earlier this summer. I’m now officially in a slump. Average score is about 85 or so. I went out late in the afternoon in the blazing sun and managed to score an 84, but my drives suck rocks and I can’t seem to make many up and downs. The course I played is a bit scruffy, with very narrow fairways and has tiny, turtle-back greens, so up and downs are a must.

Time to collapse for the night. I’m a crispy critter right now.