It's 8:50am PST, I can't believe no US A09 scans yet!?



I’ve read they are for sale at Bestbuy. This is the Pioneer forum. I can’t believe there is not a CD Speed Quality Scan post yet. What’s up with that?


DVR-109 (OEM) is also available at for $89.99+$3.50 shipping.

Can’t wait to see some scans.


Gee what a POS sofar thats same specs as 108, why launch with these specs even if later updatable with firmware, if there is any proof it can be.

I am prob skipping this and waiting on 110 or than nice nec 5230 (not new another joke of upgrade from prev model 3520) with all great read/writes mius dvd -dl, so what dl is no good yet media is pricey.


NewEgg had the specs wrong. They fixed it now.


Are OEM and retail the same this time?


is it like 108 vs. A08 where they had some differences? QuietDrive, etc…


I don’t think I’ll rush out and buy one, I’ll just stick to my 108. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

The only difference I can see in an increase in the CD-R speed from 32x upto 40x. :frowning:



Well I picked up an A09, as I had just bought an '08 about 3 weeks ago.

Initial impressions are not great: Picky with media, as most of my varied -R media that would burn at 12X (though 8x rated) on the 08, burn at 8X on the A-09. Also, read speed seems affected by web browsing and other tasks - I can do whatever I want with the A08 while reading / writing with no effect - this seems to be a major issue.

Also no improvements in anything else I can see (read speed, etc…)

here is a scan of an 8X burn on Verbatim 8X rated +R disc
CDspeed reports up to 12X on this blank, but burned the test at 8X I guess.
None of my 8X -R media show that it will burn at 12X, like the 08 will.


I have firmware v1.00 too, I am hoping its just an early firmware and everything will be fixed soon. After all, all the ads say CAV. And why would they remove 12X burn ability from known 12X capable 8X media? For now, I am not gonna use the A09 and wait for a new firmware release. I think Best Buy has a 30-Day return policy, in case I wanna just go back to the A08. :slight_smile:


Verbatim 16x only @ 12x. Burned on an A09XL.


mine is a 109

12x on MAXELL 8X DVD-R (MXLRG02)

Apparently it is using Z-CLV to burn. I would say great burn :iagree:


ray…you rox…:D:D


The burning is so weird, not even 16x peak.

Oh, raygay totally rocks!!! :iagree:


Thank you very informative