Itouch 30 GB

:confused: hi all, i,m new here so don,t laugh at this question,
i have copied a dvd to itouch format using dvdfab mobile(took an hour an 25min) no errors or nothing (first time using it) so every thing seems ok,but how do i get to my itouch???

You should be able to import the video file into iTunes and tell it to copy to your iPod. I suggest reading a bit of the iTunes help for more direction on getting it from iTunes to the iPod. :wink:

thanks albert will try that

After you have your movie in MPEG-4, open up itunes and go up to file. Click on add file to library. It will come up and ask where you want to import the file from. Once you locate the file, click on it to open it and it will go right into your itunes library. Then when you sync your ipod touch, you can check the movies you want to put on it. Hope that helps!

iTunes nubi here. I just bought an iPod iTouch and want to transfer some of my movies over to my iTouch.

I have successfully converted to the MP4 format and “Kung Fu Panda” plays in iTunes from my computer. However it won’t copy (sync) to my iTouch. It says that there are “No rented movies in your iTunes library that can be transferred to this iPod.” However I can see it listed. I already transferred my mp3 audio files with no problem but this won’t work.

Any ideas?


I renamed the video file to M4V and reconnected the iTouch and everything worked this time. Not sure which of those two things fixed the problem.