iteOn SOSW-852S in an Acer 1670

Right, I tried to hijack a thread about this, but I’m getting no-where fast. The drive has suddenly stopped reading newer dvd’s

Acer say drive firmware is not their problem

The standard liteon psx3 firmware from the liteon site didn’t work

I flashed it with an older version that someone recommended in the last thread and it then allowed me to run the psx3 upgrade, but it’s still not having any of it

can anyone help with an upgrade or suggestions for a replacement drive that’s available in the UK


I’ve since rebuilt the machine but it’s still not having it with new dvd’s

can anyone recommend a new drive or better still a fix?

A firmware has to come from ACER then, because it’s ACER OEM.

but as I posted in the thread I tried to hijack, they are saying that they do not supply firmware. I have an e-mail from their tech support stating it :-

Dear sir

Unfortunately we can not provide firmware upgrades for cd drives. We can bring the unit in and assess it for repair, but I can not guarentee that the engineers will find a fault with the dvd drive. If you wish to send it in please complete the details below

so they’re washing their hands of it

That’s no cd drive, it’s an DVDRW. They just say that because currently there is no firmware that they can provide…