Italy cracks down on CD piracy, larger fines

I just posted the article Italy cracks down on CD piracy, larger fines.

           Italy is now fighting its high piracy level. The  BBC reports that the country has now new laws in place and is trying  to educate its police force about the sales of pirated CD and...
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I don’t like your statement " Italy, the country always linked to crime due to the maffia". It is offensive.

But it is a fact.

I agree with Silverman2k1 that your assumption about Italy is definitely offensive to my country. Airhead, you probably know very little about Italy, or you would know that the Mafia is a phenomenon from the south, and that it’s almost absent northern from Rome. Come to Italy, you’ll see how things are :wink: Anyway, most of the piracy is not owned and managed by the mafia, but by the many immigrants, many of which from Africa or China, and it IS a fact. Moreover, what nobody says is that the Italian government introduced a TAX on all BLANK recording supports (CDs, DVDs, tapes etc.) regardless of their use, meaning to “reward” the recording industry for the losses they undergo due to the piracy. As a result of this extremely intelligent behavoiur :+, I must now pay an extra tax of about 45€cents for every HD backup :r

double post
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This news is Politically incorrect, if the Italy is = Mafia why the Japan is not = Yakuza ? I hate this mode of thinking … I Hope in some Excuses from Jan Willem to all italian people !
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Airhead … it sounds like d…head! It is a fact! :b:B

Why not mention Leonardo,Michelangelo,Raffaello,Donatello or do you in the news believe they are Ninja Turtles? V’s seccass lu raccolto

TOLDO pensaci tu

  1. if you write the word mafia with two f, then I can write Rotterdam with two d. :B 2) in Rome there is less criminality than in almost any US big towns or other european towns like Paris, London, Hamburg… Yours are stereotypes

Maybe someone (Jan Willem) confused “being linked to” with “being refered to … in connection with”. In that case, it would be true (regardless of whether there are more crimes or not in Italy)

Apologies to those who do not understand the meaning of this sentence. If people think about Italy, they will name several things, including e.g pizza, ferrari and likely also the mafia. It’s just one of the things that has is linked to Italy, like the statue of liberty to the US, like bradwurst to Germany, like the eiffeltower to France and drugs to the Netherlands.

Still waiting some excuses. Please DoMiN8ToR, don’t offend our intelligence. I don’t know english so well, but enough to understand what stays behind an article as this. If I’m not wrong you’re from Holland, right? Wouoldn’t you offend yourself if I say that you all make use of drug? And this is just one of the things that has is linked to Holland, right?
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If you read my previous comment you will see that I have made my apologies.
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Sorry again for new reaction, but you apologies for our ‘misunderstanding’ of the article, and this is the second offense!!!

@domi: it’s Bratwurst :B @backfromhell: the border between nationalism and childishness is even thinner than i thought. If you are not willing to read Domi’s message, or if you read it with the intention of being offended, then it’s the problem of no one but yourself. >> Wouoldn’t you offend yourself if I say >> that you all make use of drug? And this >> is just one of the things that has is >> linked to Holland, right? Not everyone is that childish

I have now edited the post and removed the mafia part.

would love to go back to the news itself… seems that italian gov just applied ( in a bit too much zealous way …) an EU directive… infact Belgium has already gone the same way, i don’t remember but i’m pretty sure there are other countries just heading for this: cannot cope with piracy, the tax the media blanks everybody is using - seems clever move but it is NOT: higher media prices will surely drive unauthorized copying down, but in no way WILL drive the originals sales up… people will definitevely listen to less music :o and watch less DVD’s… thus industry collapsing and producing less and more expensive products and so on… there’s one only clever way to drive originals sales UP: lower (and this means: by halving at least … here in italy) the prices and (but this is surely harder mission) be bound for quality over quantity! :g in the end, who needs TONs of lousy-cdaudio or TONs of crappy hollywood clips??? i think i could live with just my Led Zeppelin’s IV album… anything else needed? :wink:

@ alexnoe Maybe the problem is not only mine if this has been kept such in consideration to modify the original article. I’m very sorry for goin’ also against Dominator, but in Italy we are very tired to be remembered for mafia (this is a really little part of our reality). For example in UK and Germany they talk a lot of times on they magazines about italian mafia, and always when the summer comes. Can you imagine why? Well, what I really think is that if you make it pass in the way it has been done (‘Italy, known for mafia’, or something like that) is the worst way to consolidate the idea that we have mafia everywhere in our lives. I really didn’t see why naming mafia in that article. The article was about a law against piracy, nothing to do with mafia, moreover it was a EUROPEAN law. And what about Belgium? This law has just passed and active also there (1st May). If someone wanna talk about our mafia I agree and will have nothing to oppose, but if you talk about our beaches and say ‘Italy, known for mafia’ I really can’t accept it. Maybe is the time that we italians begin to talk about the other people as they make for us… Anyway THANKS DOMINATOR for deliting the mafia part.

Lots of my bootleg Zep were manufactured in Italy…under the SIRA label, I believe… Mafia…Italy… Mafia…Rhode Island…and a few other states… Thoughts like this come to mind…It’s not so insulting to recognize these associations, maybe to label an entire population as such would be…but come on… When you think of gangsters ( the traditional 30s type…ie Dillinger, Capone…) what country comes to mind…duh…America… I’m not the least insulted by that…I used to live in Rhode Island and there was(and still is) alot of 'Mafia" type business carried out… Everyone knew it…It was actually kind of neat and many were proud of it…Sounds crazy, but true… I’m sorry for the P.C crowd that wants to rewrite history…The state I’m in now, Texas, just passed a bill REQUIRING school textbooks too refrain from the negative in our history and publish how we’ve corrected ourselves and made things better…That’s fine, but the balance is we’ve still got a long way to go and CLEAN up our act… And please, I mean NO insult to anyone… Joelmon