Italians - The Italian Forum, please respond

  • Can someone translate this to Italian ? -

Dear all,

As you might have noticed, the Italian forum has been locked a few hours this afternoon. Several things seem to have happened and HPolimar has left the forum as moderator. For what I can see this isn’t the worst thing that can happen to the forum. HPolimar has not been the right person and it seems also ZIO73 and IceMan didn’t have enough time to moderate the forum.

Severals have told me it would be better to close the Italian Forum, but I won’t. Many of you have been with us since we have started and we don’t want to loose you. Italian forum users have always been important, and we won’t give up that easily.

In order to make it work, I have decided that I will try to do the following, if it does not succeed, there is nothing left, but closing down the Italian forum. Note that it IS possible, look at the English forums, they are all doing nice.

I’m looking for persons that:

  • Have at least 50 posts
  • Are at least 16 years of ago
  • Are able to type decent English
  • Understand English

If you are able to meet these requirments, I invite you to post in this thread I have openend in the CD Freaks Forum Talk Forum.

If we have enough applications, I will pick the persons that meet the requirments, make a poll and allow you all to vote about who should be the new moderator. (or 2)

I’m really sorry that this has happened again, but with your support, we can make it try to make it work. We will only have to find the right people, that are reliable and willing to cooperate. Again, I will not close the forum down just like that, but if noone is able to lead the Italian group, I’m afraid it’s the only thing left :frowning:

(i have also sent this message to you with a PM)

Hi Dominator.

I’ve seen now your post about the italian forum and I decided to write you some things.

Some days ago i’ve talked with a moderator (by some PM) because I asked to him how I can become a moderator. Today he has send an email to Crazee (he told me that Crazee is the boss in the italian chat) about mi situation & the fact that i want to become moderator. It’s 2 1/2 years ago that i’m registered here & i like very very much this forum so i want to partecipate actively… this the causes for my request.

And … about yout requirments:

  • now i’ve 372 post
  • i’m 21 years old (my birthday is 03/10/1981)
  • i think that i’m able to a write decent english
  • i understand english very well

i’ll be happy if you’ll write to me how i can do.
thank you very very much… & see you soon.


I’ve just 500 post - I’ve 26 years old and I work as network administrator in a big firm…
I’d like so much this site and I don’t want that our italian chat will be closed…
I hope that a solution will be take in a few hours…
If my person can help you please give me a mail to:

Hi DoMiN8ToR,

I have read your post and I am very been sorry; HPolimar and Ice-Man are my friends and I believe that they has done the possible one for the good of the forum.

I love this forum and I am present from the beginning.
I had been already here since 1999 in the international forum with another nick.

I want that this forum continues and I offers you my availability.

I am oldie :slight_smile:
I am 47 years old and I have done more than 800 posts.
I don’t love the politics.
And here this is my english…

I also have availability of time, because from my place of employment I can very often check the forum during the day.

I believe that the Italian forum has need than at least 2 or 3 moderators.

Any is your decision, I hope that the forum continues.


i’d like very much to be a mod of this forum, which is about the only one i visit on a regular base.
i haven’t so much posts, but anyway more than 50.
i’m older than 16 (actually only 17 :wink: )
i think i can write inghlisk pritti uell :bigsmile:
i can understand english pretty easily.

i think i would be happy a lot being a moderator, but only if i had a few colleagues, since sometime i can drown into homework (somebody here is still studying :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I love this forum and I want that it lives!

I have always operated like a moderator, because I believe that we are a big family and not a simple forum!

  • -I’m 22 years old.
  • -I’m studying economy.
  • -I have more than 600 posts!!
  • -I know english and a very good french!!

If you want I’m ready to moderate,
however I hope that the italian forum will be not closed.

traduzione in italiano questo è il concetto che vuole esprimere (circa)

Salve a tutti, come potete notare, il forum italiano è stato bloccato alcune ore questo pomeriggio. Parecchie cose sembrano accadere e HPolimar ha lasciato il forum come moderatore. Per quello che posso vedere questa non è la cosa più grave che possa accadere al forum. HPolimar non è stato la persona giusta e sembra che anche ZIO73 ed IceMan non hanno avuto abbastanza tempo per moderare il forum. Severals mi ha detto che forse è meglio chiudere il forum italiano, ma no. Molti di voi sono stati con noi da quando abbiamo cominciato e non desideriamo lasciarli. Gli utenti italiani del forum sono stati sempre importanti e non getteremo facilmente la spugna. Per rendergli merito, ho deciso che proverò a fare quanto segue, se non riesce, chiuderò il forum italiano. Si noti che esso È possibile, guardando i forum inglesi, è tutto più piacevole. Sto cercando le persone che: - abbiano almeno 50 post - hanno almeno 16 anni - possono scrivere in inglese decentemente - capiscano l’inglese . se avete questi requisiti , io vi invito a postare in questo thread che ho aperto nel forum. Se abbiamo abbastanza risposte, selezionerò le persone che hanno i giusti requisiti, si farà uno scrutinio e si permetterà a tutti di votare chi dovrà essere il nuovo moderatore. (o 2) sono realmente spiacente che questo è accaduto ancora, ma con il vostro supporto, possiamo dare la prova che meritate di esserci. Dovremo soltanto trovare la gente giusta, che è certa e volenterosa di cooperare. Di nuovo, non lo chiudo il forum , ma se nessuno può condurre il gruppo italiano, sarò mio malgrado costretto a farlo.

i’ve only 40 post, but i’d like to become moderator…now decide ! :slight_smile:

Thanks…i don’t want the Italian forum closed !!!

  • 91 posts
  • 18 years old
  • able to type “decent English” (<-u see, I just typed it:bigsmile: )
  • able to understand English (<-I got a “Cambridge First Certificate” that proves it:cool: )
  • lots of time to waste (girlfriend just left:bigsmile: )

Het spijt me, ik spreek geen Nederlands, but you never know, maybe i’ll tink it over;)…

I, Minamoto Kobayashi:

More than 2100 posts in 2 years plus other 1000 with many different nicks;
39 Years old;
Speak and understand english (and japanese) very well;
Present on the forum 15 hours by day (12 PM - 03 AM)

Many helloes to the guyz that have already reply to that post … all my friends :slight_smile:

I don’t want the italian section go down forever…
I have 600 post in 2 months and i have a lot of time to spend in the forum and so i think i can a good moderator… I am 22 years old and i speak a decent English (but i understand perfectly all !!!). I have spent 14 hours/24 in the forum several times and i think i can do a good work. I speak also French (very good !!!) and this is my e-mail:
SYA :wink:

HE HE HE! I know that it’s a little bit in contrast whith my choice to open a new forum, and for this reason it’s too hard for you to trust in me, but I’ll try anyway to candidate me for MODERATOR of italian section of this board!
Domin8tor… now it’s all on you!
Oh… I was forgiving some particulars:

  • I don’t know how many posts I have, but surely more than 50
  • 18 Years Old
  • I’m writing now in english, and I think that my english is more than decent
  • I think I can understand allmost anything (…I told allmost :wink: )


:bigsmile: Vanadium !!!
see in your left corner of the tread, you have 268 post …

I’m GringoTM and i have more than 50 post [250]
I speak some english
I’m a moderator of an Italian Playstation Forum from 3 Years
And i can give 1 hour a day if we need

for Zio73

HPolimar has not been the right person and it seems also ZIO73 and IceMan didn’t have enough time to moderate the forum.

From the DoMiNaToR original message

X Gringo TM: I Think this isn’t a valid reason to delete an entire post.
If the good days is showned since the morning, so it’s better that the italian forum rest closed forever …

Okay Terabyte has also shown that he will not be the right person for the forum, as he now wants the forum to be closed. I will now close this thread and add the other users to a poll. My personal experiences with cico85 are so good, I will let him be the first moderator, but he will need additional people. So please vote!