Italian police hunting for P2P users, the real story

I just posted the article Italian police hunting for P2P users, the real story.

 katastrofe used our news submit to tell us that TheRegister has a follow  up on the story we recently reported about. The Italian tech website reported that the Italian...
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it’s, and it ain’t a tech site: it’s just a newspaper’s web page. back to the good, ol’, safe days :+ :X

recently another popular italian newspaper’s website had already prepared and posted an article about AC Milan winning Champions League…10 days before the final match vs. Juventus:o So don’t take italian newspapers so seriously :wink:

Well, Milan won, didn’t they? :g

Rats… I thought they might actually take action that would discourage piracy… :frowning:

So Cico, i guess you can stop hiding now :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah hemi, at last :+ ZeniTh: a couple of years ago somebody found articles prepeared for the (actual) pope’s death…

so the pope is actually died? That’s surely more probable than Italian Police actually taking action against thousands of p2p users…last week they called me to schedule a theft i reported more than 2 (!) years ago…:c