Italian financial police is hunting for P2P file sharers

I just posted the article Italian financial police is hunting for P2P file sharers.

According to the website are more then 3000 Italians identified as file sharers and the police is hunting for them. By tracing the users, intercepting their e-mails and…

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Cico, time to hide :wink:

I wonder if they will actually convict anyone… I am glad that they are finally taking steps (other than copy protection, which is horrible) against piracy.

This article is very funny… Now in Italy is less punitive if you steal moneys and buy original products than use pirated backups for no-profit use.

MILAN - " Ok, published also my name and last name, but for charity not the nickname. If they discover in the communities on-linens to me we burn surveyings and then we must recommence all from head ". The marshal of the Provincial Nucleus of the financial police of Milan, David D’ Augustin is one of the men who give a pair of years inquire on several the foreheads of the pirateria on-linens. Key man of the inquiry is he it on shakes it Italian accused of violation of the copyrights in order to have unloaded, from the situated ones specializes to you, musical rows mp3, film, and software. He knows very well that its role - from when the law is last that punishes also the simple ones downloader, those that they unload from the net - is one of most unpopular of the web. And he knows very well also that, yesterday, nearly all the situated ones of information that brought back the news of surveying have been intasati from messages of protest, launch comment and worry from the customers. And he is perhaps for that its tone seems a po’ dispiaciuto. " But however - it says rassegnato - this is the law and we could not make other ". Marshal what is changed with this law? " He is changed that now more the simple exchange of material covered from the copyrights is not punished only the commerce but also. Many say that it has been be a matter of an intentional law from the record houses, but to we this does not have to interest ". Which are the direct consequences of this innovation? " That, in theory, they can answer penal, all the customers who exchange one song unloaded from Internet ". In theory? ", in theory. Because in practical, those that exchange music on linens are too many. To the fine ones it will be impossible to pursue them ". But you have made it… " About the surveying that is still in course I cannot speak. But we are making reference to decidedly various units of largeness ". However the technical possibility to identify for one all those that they exchange mp3 on the Net exists. " Yes, it exists. But as I said alone in theory. All the customers of Kkazaa and Morpheus leave traces. Indeed, to being precise, all the customers of the Net leave traces. Traces that last to along, also two years. Whichever thing you make on the net remains in some memory ". Which are the characteristics of an inquiry of this type? " They are surveyings in continuous evolution, like of the rest the techniques used from who commits crimes on-linens. A time the situated ones were found on which they came promoted the products prohibits to you. The demands arrived via email, and the product left for mark mails them. Today there is the peer to peer, two computer that is connected between of they and the game is made ". How is made one ciber inquiry? " Part from the search engines. From Google, as an example or from Altavista. Groups of conversation) to topic are attempted newsgroup (, are infiltrated to us covering the own identity behind nickname credible. And cues investigated to you are attempted, like situated suspiciones and addresses email ". Then? " Then it is returned to the traditional one: laughed them to the name of the manager of the situated one and search is made one. To that point it is entered in possession of addresses email of the customers and the suppliers. In some case it is necessary to intercept, of usual enough to follow it on the net and to see as it is behaved and that type of activity carries out, the given size of the traffic. In these months I have seen of all: people that on the hard disk had 120 giga of mp3: that it wants to say approximately 25000 songs ". Which people were? " Students, employ to you, professionals, common people neanche much expert of Internet that never would have thought to end in the troubles for some song ".

i’ve heard rumors that this piece of news is kinda fake… i really dunno what to say, but will hide the worst stuff anyway :+

Well you live there … what do the media say about this? I can watch RAI myself, but my italian suck :wink: