Italian Chat users: Please help if you don't want your forum to be shut down

  • Can someone translate this to Italian ? -

Dear all,

As you might have noticed, the Italian forum has been locked a few hours this afternoon. Several things seem to have happened and HPolimar has left the forum as moderator. For what I can see this isn’t the worst thing that can happen to the forum. HPolimar has not been the right person and it seems also ZIO73 and IceMan didn’t have enough time to moderate the forum.

Severals have told me it would be better to close the Italian Forum, but I won’t. Many of you have been with us since we have started and we don’t want to loose you. Italian forum users have always been important, and we won’t give up that easily.

In order to make it work, I have decided that I will try to do the following, if it does not succeed, there is nothing left, but closing down the Italian forum. Note that it IS possible, look at the English forums, they are all doing nice.

I’m looking for persons that:

  • Have at least 50 posts
  • Are at least 16 years of ago
  • Are able to type decent English
  • Understand English

If you are able to meet these requirments, I invite you to post in this thread I have openend in the CD Freaks Forum Talk Forum.

If we have enough applications, I will pick the persons that meet the requirments, make a poll and allow you all to vote about who should be the new moderator. (or 2)

I’m really sorry that this has happened again, but with your support, we can make it try to make it work. We will only have to find the right people, that are reliable and willing to cooperate. Again, I will not close the forum down just like that, but if noone is able to lead the Italian group, I’m afraid it’s the only thing left :frowning:

Update: You can now vote for the moderator you like here.