Italian broadcast company sues YouTube for $780 Million



I just posted the article Italian broadcast company sues YouTube for $780 Million.

Another day, another legal issue for YouTube.Italian broadcast company Mediaset Group is suing YouTube and Google for an estimated $780 million, claiming the popular video sharing is in violation for…

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When will the madness end?

Are these companies looking for an easy pay day, or are they really worried about copyright infringement? I see copyrighted videos posted on YouTube all the day, and other companies simply request that the videos be taken down.

It definitely looks like the lawyers are circling YouTube right now seeing an increasing possibility of an out of court settlement.

What does YouTube do now? Do they fight all the lawsuits? Do they try and pick which ones to fight and which ones to settle?


Like other companies, they would be smart to create their own YT channel and advertise on YT like major networks do! Sheesh. That company must be tortoise in the race with the hare…comon’ companies of the world, you’re slacking! Get with the technology and stop whining! :bigsmile:


foul language


Copyright laws are still pathetically weak in addressing the changing digital environment. That’s one of the reasons companies are clinging to lawsuits against such content providers.