IT8212F flash update problem

I bought an IT8212F based card to use with optical devices. The manufacturer is Titan Electronics ->
The card came with RAID BIOS on it. This card doesn´t detect optical devices in RAID mode. So I tried to flash the ATAPI BIOS to it. It has an SST 39SF010 flash chip. I am sure this chip is programable. ITE says their flash tool support this chip. However the flash tool can´t read nor write to it. The tool reads and empty file while backing up. And the flash procedure fails at the verifying stage. The original BIOS version is always on the card.

So I am stuck with a card I can´t use, since I don´t need RAID.

I have e-mailed both Titan Electronics and ITE last week, without an answer until now.

Is there anyone who can give some help? Some aditional information is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I had both the 8212F RAID & NON-RAID cards to try with the optical drives. Though my Flash IC wasn’t reprogrammable, neither cards worked properly even when WXP Pro was trying to initialize them. Needless to say, the optical drives I have didn’t work either. Only the Silicon Image 0680A-based worked with LiteOn & LG in their respective UDMA modes, other drives were recognized, but only in Multimode DMA 2.

What drivers did you use? Did you know you could use the IT8211F drivers on a IT8212F card? I didn´t try this. But if you take a look at the IT8211F driver´s inf, you will see the IT8212F vendor and device strings. But you need the ATAPI BIOS to even detect them.


Yeah, I know the 8211F can be used on the 8212F (after reading about it in the IDE thread), but since I couldn’t even identify the Flash chip nor have Windows install them properly, I just returned those 8212F cards.

IIRC, the ITE RAID card had a configuration menu after POST to indicate whether the controller card would be used in RAID or ATAPI. I tried to force ATAPI, but for some reason, it wouldn’t store the value. The non-RAID card just never worked; it just killed the O/S.

Also, since I have a nVidia-based motherboard (250Gb), nVidia’s RAID-detect tries to accommodate the controller card, even though RAID is disabled in the BIOS. But after POST and before the controller card recognition, the nVidia RAID detection is at work. This only went away when the controller card was uninstalled. The Silicon Image that I’m using now has had no problems with initialization and operation, and it is flashable to the latest BIOS, which it had already.

I mean IT8211F drivers, not IT8212F BIOS. Although I don´t know if IT8211F BIOS can be used on the IT8212F too.

Identifying the Flash chip is easy. Usualy the card does have two chips. One is labeled IT8212F, Silicon Image 0680, whatever. The other one is usualy smaller. You just have to read the labels on it. Unless it doesn´t have nothing writen on it.

Mine came with just the RAID BIOS. It can´t even detect my DVD drives. Anyway I couldn´t flash it, so I RMAed it. I hope they can replace it for a flashable one.


Yeah, I know what the SiI & Flash chips are, there just weren’t any markings on the Flash chips to make them identifiable, it seemed just like another 48-pin PLCC part. Unless you get an older 8212F-based card, the current Flash chip won’t be reprogrammable.

I didn’t try the 8211F drivers. I tried to flash the ATAPI BIOS to the 8212F, but since the chip wasn’t on the list within the utility, it didn’t work. Here is where I found the information.

Yeah. That is the case. When the chip has nothing writen on it, the only thing you can do is try.

Problem resolved.

I sent the card to the store yesterday. Today I received an e-mail from them. They said the card was successfully flashed to the latest ATAPI BIOS version. Here is how they did it.

Version 2.2 of ITEFLASH always blocked at the backup stage.

They managed to get an intermediate version of the BIOS file. Version 1.6X from Gigabyte for IT8212F. They flashed the card sucessfully using ITEFLASH 2.01 and RAID BIOS version 1.6X After that they flashed the card sucessfully from RAID BIOS 1.6X to latest ATAPI BIOS version, using the same ITEFLASH 2.01

Since post offices are closed at this hour, they will send the card to me by mail tomorrow. I will get it next monday.


Good to know. Keep us posted about the progress/sucess/failure after you have received the card on Monday. Hopefully, the 8212F with ATAPI BIOS will allow the ODDs to operate in their appropriate DMA modes, rather limp modes.

Any information about how to obtain that intermediate BIOS 1.6X?


Maybe the guys from the computer store can provide me the 1.6X BIOS.

I also got an answer from ITE. Too late. The card wasn´t in my possession anymore. Was at the store at that time. But ITE provided me an older version of ITEFLASH to try. Now I have several versions of the BIOS Update Utility. I will make them available for people to download later.



The card came in yesterday, with the ATAPI BIOS on it. It can detect all my optical devices, and an old Zip drive. The Iomega Zip drive works perfectlly. Something the Silicon Image 0680A couldn´t do.

Works well with both IT8211F and IT8212F drivers. But the results aren´t as good as I expected. In UDMA 2 de card can do 19 MB/s burst speed, wich isn´t still enough for 16X DVD speeds.

And I don´t see a way of booting from ATAPI devices on this card too. Same for Silicon Image´s 0680A.

Thanks for the update. It’s still a good sign that the 8212F with ATAPI BIOS can recognize the drives in UDMA-2 mode, though not fully support the maximum burst rate that IDE does. At 19-MB/s, 12x burn should be fine though.

In any case, if you can obtain this intermediate BIOS, that would be great.

I also noticed that CD or DVD discs take longer time to be recognized on Windows XP, on the NEC than on the LG CD-RW or JLMS drives. DVD discs are detected faster on the NEC when conected to the onboard controller.

All drives are detected as UDMA 2 as shown on BIOS messages. Computer and Windows boot fine as oposed to someone else´s reports.

I e-mailed ITE about the 19 MB/s. Hopefully they will be able to do something about it. Since an ATA/133 Controller is able to do much more.

I have some intermediate BIOS and several versions of the ITE flash tool. If you need them PM me.

Fortunately, I took pictures of the two ITE 8212F-based cards before I returned them. However, the EPROM on the RAID card is an OTP (one-time programmable) device, some Holtek HT27C010 in a 32-pin PLCC. Though there were no markings on the non-RAID card, but I’m betting it’s the same one. Thus, the ATAPI BIOS can’t be flashed. Hopefully, I can find another source for these ITE cards with a reprogrammable IC.

These produce IT8212F based cards:

Syba ->

ST Lab ->

Winic ->

Lycom ->


Titan Electronics ->

Q-Tec ->

InnoVISION Multimedia Limited ->

Mine is from Titan Electronics. But I still can´t flash it with any of those flash tools and BIOS files.

Titan Electronics use to make flashable cards with SST 39SF010 Flash EEPROM. I also have one Silicon Image 0680 based card from Titan Electronics. This one since 2002.
Lycom makes flashable cards too. I bought two Silicon Image 0680A based cards from Lycom with Atmel AT49BV512 Flash EEPROM.
Winic was recommended by ITE.

Let me add to the list.