IT8212 or ATP865 chipset for optical drives (UDMA)

Has anybody used the following chipset based PCI ATA cards for their optical drives (burning) in UDMA mode under Windows XP:

  • ITE IT8212 (from Compusa, Inno, etc.)
  • Acard ATP865 (from SIIG and Acard)

If so, can you report your maximum burn speed and CPU utilisation when burning?

I really need a working PCI ATA card for my PC that is NOT based on the Silicon Image chipset (can’t use that one, already one of those onboard, two don’t work at the same time).

I’d appreciate all comments from those with experience on the cards.


PS I’m asking because these cards are mail order from aboard (expensive) and just ‘testing and returning if it does not work’ is a costly proposition.

I’m also interested in the following chipset:

  • AEC-6280 (Acard)

and it’s usefulness with optical drivers (UDMA mode) under WinXP.

Follow up to my own post.

IT8212 does not seem to work well for some (on optical drives), even with latest firmware.

I’ll test ATP865 soon myself

Acard AEC-6280 (bios 1.20) on Windows XP with Artop ATP865 chipset works based on my preliminary testing

CPU utilisation remains low even at 16x dvd-rom reading and haven’t found any glitches yet.

Haven’t tried burning yet (no burners yet attached to that controller).

Did you use the correct firmware? The IT8212F has separate BIOSes for RAID/IDE and ATAPI.

That comment about IT8212F problems was from my friend testing a card with that chip.

I have tested an Acard AEC-6280 PCI IDE card (with ATP-865 chip).

My findings so far:

  • Toshiba SD-M1802 - not working / refuses to read discs (Via chip)
  • BenQ DW1620 - not working / not recognized in windows (Philips chip)
  • LiteOn dvdrw works in read / write / cd-dvd speed disc quality test. kProbe2 does not work with either spti or aspi (Mediatek chip)
  • AOpen DVD-1648/AAP works in read / cd-dvd speed (Ali chip)

So AEC-6280 with the Artop ATP-865 chip is not the universal PCI IDE controller that I hoped it would be.

Time for me to change motherboard to get my SIL 0680 card working.

Did you try AEC-6280 latest 2.40 firmware. I am asking, because I am going to buy this card if it works.

Thanks in advance.

I bought the IT8212F and flashed it to ATAPI. Check the results here ->