It worked it worked it worked



I have been on the FCC no call list since day one but still get the calls what bad is not the number will show my on number sometimes as the one calling.
I have played loud sounds though my computer speaker hoping it would cause them enough pain they will stop calling but some still call back.

So last week I downloaded a text to voice program and did a computer recording saying the FCC has taken over this phone to track telemarketers and that your phone call had been trace so contact the FCC and pay your fine.

Well that work so good that I have not even had one call from a telemarketer to play ti for them. I do not know how they know I have it ready for them but for over a week not one call. I sure wanted to play it for at least one.


You could also try to make a profit out of it.


well I guess they just had to try once I got two calls yesterday from telemarketers and in both cases they did not get past the statement that this phone had been taken over by the FCC to track telemarketers and they hung up YOU would have thought they would at least listen to the whole message. Know lets see if they call back.