It was Seven Years Ago Today

It was seven years ago today that I joined CDFreaks. I’d come looking for some help with a new type of equipment for me, a dvd burner that cost a small fortune, and I didn’t want to screw things up. I quickly learned how to flash it with new firmware, how to choose the best available disks, and how to back up my growing collection of dvd movies. Along the way, I found an interesting group of characters here, people who went out of their way to help. Some of them are no longer among us, like rdgrimes and AZImmortal, but I remember how they welcomed me even when I had little to add to the community.

Over the years it is that sense of community that has kept me coming back. The technical knowledge of many of our members can still dazzle me; the Blank Media Gang (pepst, mciahel, Womi, dakhaas, Drage, et al) with their in-depth knowledge of optical media and drives. And our firmware experts, Dee, ala42, Liggy and CodeKing still work to make our drives work better, and defy the restrictions placed upon them by manufacturers and media companies. But it is the community we’ve built here that has the most appeal for me…the warmth and kindness of Arachne and Di, the wit of Drage and Harley2Ride, the chatters who liven up my day (yes I’m looking at you BigMike, and Dean and all the others there).

So here is a thank you for the past seven years. :slight_smile: Hope to be around and enjoying the forum for as many more.

I’m not quite sure when I first discovered CDFreaks, but it was at least a few years before I finally signed up so that I could begin posting.

The people here are also the main reason I’ve stuck around - I have yet to find another forum with people quite like this one… although it’s a dangerous place that somehow transforms freaks into myce!?! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re one of the people who make this place worth visiting, Kerry, so thank you for that! :flower:

[I]It was seven years ago today,
Sgt. Kerry taught the freaks to play
They’ve been going in and out of style
But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you
The act you’ve known for all these years,
Sgt. Kerry’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. [/I]


Drage is a singer now:bigsmile:Kerry you bring the best out of people I know if I had a problem you’d help me ,I’ve only been here for a short time but i’m still here,I enjoy the place( nice place you got here).I know everybody here has a lot of respeck of you.Carry on sir!

It’s still nice to hang around here after several years. Hope i don’t annoy too many people. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been here for anyway near 7 years.
I’ve been helped by Kerry .Posted in topics with him too.
He’s definitely an asset to this forum.

And we’re lucky that you did arrive Kerry. :iagree:

Only five and a half years here for me and I came here initially because of Liggy & Dee’s custom NEC firmwares.

Still using that same DVD writer too! :slight_smile:


Yo Kerry-

It’s been a fun ride for a lot of us - including the many folks that you have helped over the years-

You have certainly earned my respect and friendship and that goes for many, many others too!

I personally hope that you are here for seven more years - then seven more after that - etc, etc…

Nice post Kerry :slight_smile:

Everyone here (staff, forum members, yeah even management I suppose :bigsmile: ) does their bit to make the place what it is, if it’s a bit of a hand with something, or even just a good laugh you need someone always comes up trumps. So thanks to everyone for that :flower:

Wow Kerry…you´re a good dude!
You make me feel all warm and fuzzy…like those sweaters you wear and the soft-focus filter you use in those self-portraits you´ve posted!

I agree from the bottom of my liver with the comments the other, quicker myce here have posted…you´ve really helped make this a cool and imformative place to hang out. I have really enjoyed your wit, intelligence, good humour and diplomacy and above all, those sweaters.

I look forward to the next seven years, and the seven after that, and so on…until they give in and have to admit we are really freaks (dang…we really will be!), and I´ll do everything I can to be there to defend you and your right to wear those sweaters anywhere and anytime you need me…


Deano’s just jealous of my sweater stash! :stuck_out_tongue:
And I broke two cameras before I figured out the soft filter trick on self portraits!

Anyone else remember what brought them to the forums way back when? And initial impressions that made you stay?

(ps: I don’t really think Dean’s liver has a bottom) :bigsmile::stuck_out_tongue: