It takes forever ,GSA 4081B

My drive takes over 40 mins to write a full dvd movie.
I am runnig XP Pro
P4 3.06ghz 1MB FSB
512mb 400ddr

I am using Nero 6 ultra with all the updates and have upgraded to A104 firmware.

I am using Datawrite Yellow V2 discs
Any ideas?? :confused:


I need some help with this one.


Just to add,

Now got the GSA4120B and used DATASAFE 8X discs, and the problems are the same.

Do you have DVD+RW 4x media? If so, write to one at 4x. It should not take more than 15 minutes. If it took over 40 minutes for your GSA-4120B, the problem is likely to be found in your system configuration or something is wrong in your source drive’s transfer rate.

Or, have you tried some well-known media like Taiyo Yuden T02 8x DVD+R media? It usually takes 7 minutes to do the full 4.7GB burning at 12x and about 8 minutes at 8x.

I also have a Lite-On 411s and that burns everything sweet as a nut. I’ll change over the IDE channels and see what gives.

Never heard of the media you mention Kenshin. I swapped the IDe channels and the drive runs fine now.

Another thing, I bought the 4120 and cannot burn 8x with DATASAFE 8XDVD-R, anyone?