It takes anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes to burn a cd (faster initially)

My husband and I have been burning cd’s for our personal collection from the internet and have recently ran into a gliche. Our system was running smoothly and fast,burning a cd at about 3 minutes a cd. We tried to copy a cd and ever since, it takes anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes to burn a cd.

What happened?

Please help us, we don’t understand what happened.

M & J

Check your DMA settings for your harddrives and cd writer dives. If you do not know how go to google and search check DMA. Without more info on your system and what program you are using hard to help you more.


Thank you for your quick response. Our OS is XP, service pack 2, and the program we were using is Nero; however, any of our copying programs are running slow after the attempt to copy a cd. I am going to check what you suggested, this is just frustrating, this is a new computer, which we have burned a dvd as well in the past and it took only 6 minutes, now takes over an hour. STRANGE!

M & J

I did check the DMA on the system and all is where it is suppose to be. I hope someone has a suggestion to help us on this matter.

Thank you,

M & J

Go google and search burning cd is slow. There are so many things that can cause this.

You did not install a tool to slow down the drive before (like Nero DriveSpeed), did you?

Perhaps you could download CD-DVD-Speed, burn a test disc with it and show us the writing graph. You can download the latest version of CD-DVD Speed ( here and a user manual here.

Btw: We are talking about non-copyrighted material here or you got the permission of the owner to download and burn it, right?

So nothing has changed to PIO Mode? If anything has switched to PIO mode that’s probably the problem.