It seems no matter what firmware i use on 3500a,my 4x media wont burn more than 2.4x?



I have 500 blue 4x budget dvd’s from but no matter what i do, it just wont let me decide speed my self!? 2.4x is a bit slow. I wrote nec, they said wait for new firmware… On 2500a i just unlocked it and wolla, no problem burned at my speed. Am i the only one?


Are you using Nero? If so, I had the same issue. My 4X DVD+RW’s wrote at 2.4x. Then I changed the dropdown speed tab from MAX to 4X and it worked for me. I do not know why MAX selected 2.4x but when I chose 4X it burned at 4X.


Yes it is Nero, but i cant select anything else than 2.4x not even max… i try another program(easy cd creator) tomorrow and see if that works:-) Who knows, it might be it;-)



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What is the MID code of this media?
You can find this by running nero infotool, in the nero toolkit
Place the media in your drive and select the DISC tab and it will display the MID code of the media.


Does dvdidentifier show 4x media in the drive?


Dnope, what brand are your DVD media and do you know the Manufacturer ID? Also important is which firmware you are using right now.

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I have taken this from nierle.

Mid code ISO01 001 .

What firmware are you using now. Upgrade to latest.

They should be supported at 4x.


The DVD+R ISO01 001 should go 12x with the Quikee2 V3B3R2 firmware and 8x with the Liggy/Dee-27 V2B2 firmware.


Note. If the media in question is ISO01 then he should also be able to burn at the advertised speed of 4x with firmware 2.18. :wink: According to this.

49 53 30 31 00 00 00 00 30 30 31 00 01 -> [IS01    001  ] 4.0
49 53 30 31 00 00 00 00 30 30 31 01 01 -> [IS01    001  ] 4.0


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Nero infotools says 2.5x speed, dvd+r and manufactor id 001


jbv i’m using a 2.28 firmware dont remember hmm… this one:-) 2.28 Quikee Version3 Beta3 Release2, bitsetting support for SL DVD+R and DVD+R9, RPC1 & Riplock Removed.

The newest one i could find:o)


I have tryed like 5-10 different firmware’s


check the faq under dma


just try another burning program, Im sure it’ll be fine then


I have tryed eazy cd creator and dma is set to ultra dma 2:-)


We really need the actual media code from the disk. It don’t seem to be ISO01 001 afterall.

Do as Dee-27 suggested, so we can get the real mediacode. We better stop guessing now.

We/I can’t help you without the true mid code.


I’d also bet that the Mad Dog 2.FA SE Firmware will at least have up to a 4x write descriptor for that media at least. Mad Dog stock firmware has more overburning options built into it from stock then the standard NEC firmware does. :wink:

@mattyboy: This is an issue of changing burning programs. No burning program will allow that media to go past 2.4x in write speed if the firmware can’t burn past that mark. Speeds on media in burning program is all based off the firmware installed on that drive from what I’ve seen.


Nero infotools says 2.5x speed, dvd+r and manufactor id 001


Picture of infor tool really says 001:o)


Well… bad luck :wink: