It says it aint big enough but it is!

:eek: Hi guys
When I try to burn a DVD using nero 5.5 I get a message saying the file is to big but its only 4.294 So it should go on easily.
Any ideas how to get it to recognise the file size correctly??
I realise the disc is only 4.3 and not as it states on the box 4.7 but thats still big enough.

Unfortunately the file still can really really be too big. The amount of bytes a file is , is less that the amount of bytes a file needs on a dvd. This is called allocated space.

I’ve had that problem once with dvdshrink (old version i believe) , that after processing , Nero wouldn’t accept it. Too big.

Unfortunately i had to resize it , just make it 2mb smaller and lo and behold… it fitted !

What is your burner ? What media is it ? What speed are you trying to burn at ?

Here’s the standard DVD recordable capacity :

Free Capacity 4.38GB (4.71GB)

well not every disk has the same capacity and i beleive dvd+&-r’s have slightly different capacities. (not completely sure cause i mainly only use +r’s)

think about it think way. if you buy 2 hard drives from different manufacturers. chances are VERY slim that they contain the exact same formatted capacity (infact even purchased at different times can yeild slightly different capacities)

If you were trying to write an mpeg file to the dvd and have it convert to VOB’s etc then you have to take into account the formatting etc (the ifo’s etc)

i actually had the same problem once with nero. the total size of the compilation was less than 4.38gb, but nero still refused to burn it. i eventually used ImgTool Classic to make an iso of my compilation first, then burned the iso with DVD Decrypter.