It plays on my computer it will not play on my standalone player

I am using Clone dvd 2 and dvd shrink my problem is that while it plays on my computer it will not play on my standalone player. I checked to see if my player is compatable will dvd+r and it is in the list I am using a apex player does anyone have any suggestions?

What brand/MID of media are you burning to?

memorex dl disc. I was reading earlier that it might be the fact that I am using a dual layer disc. I just got the dvdr burner so I had no idea what to buy. You think that is it??

Try DVD+R…SL. Why are you using both CloneDVD and Shrink? Most Memorex stuffs are JUNKS. Look for Verbatim DL media. Works well with NEC 3500.

Clone cd wouldn’t let me do dvd to dvdr because of copyright law so I had to change it to a iso and then burn it using clone cd. Is that the right thing to do?
I will try verbatim I like thier vinyl look better anyway. I bought memorex because it was in a value pack, I guess cheaper isn’t better!

I got a program called dvd region + css it said that all my rom drives are protected by region it is only a trial so I was wondering if someone can help me with firmware. How do I know which one to try. I am fairly new at using computers and I just bought a emachine. any help is appreciated.

what dvd burner have you got?

also get dvddecypter for ripping iso`s and burning them and make sure you have the latest dvd shrink. see my signature for the links.

As a beginner, I would suggest that you go to and download the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Remove your current copy of CloneDVD. Install the latest AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Reboot. AnyDVD is used to break the encryption codes in movies. Make sure AnyDVD is running in the background BEFORE you start CloneDVD. You now can use CloneDVD to backup the movie. There is no need to run Shrink.

thanks will try

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The problem is the crappy apex player. I had many problems with burned movies.Most media did not work. I think it is just the way the player is made,the laser is not correct on them.I returned mine and upgraded a few dollars for a better player and now all is good.

You always get better performance when you upgrade from the cheapest product.

I’ve been told that for duplicated DVD’s that if a DVD Player is 2+ years old then these players won’t read them. Not sure the reason. But this was stated by a large educational material company who does large scale sale & dupication of their DVD material.

My Pioneer DVD player was built in 2001. Works great with DVD+R/+RW/-R/-ROM. Don’t have -RW to test. If you set the booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM and use 4X write speed, then you should be able to use this DVD with almost any DVD ROM.


I have had some media / DVD stand alone players non compatibility also. From my own experience, even updating the firmware of my LG 4160B, some times I record a DVD for a friend and he can’t play it on his Pioneer DVD (a 2000 model, which plays all regions!). I noticed, from your comments above, that you recommend to “set the booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM” and use a slower burning speed. Question: 1) How can I set the booktype of DVD-R to DVD-ROM using Clone DVD I have heard that this increases the compatibility between media brand & DVD player. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.


you can burn iso`s with dvd decrypter and set the booktype to dvd-rom, see attachment.


Thanks a lot for the tip!! However, after to select the ISO mode / Change Book Type / LG recorder , I only found two options on “Change for” . They are: 1) Drive for (DVD + RW Media) and 2) Drive for (DVD + R DL Media). I didn’t find any option to select DVD-ROM as you suggested me. Can you help me please how to select DVD-ROM for a DVD-R (not (+R). Thanks in advance for your kind help!


No booktype for DVD- media. It ONLY works on + formats. DVD- does not support booktype setting at all.

I had this same exact problem with my new Dell computer. After trying a bunch of different brands of DVD-r and different burning programs, it became clear that my problem was the drive in my computer. I had them come install a different brand and now everything is fine. Old drive was a Philips, new one is an NEC.