It looks like +, - media is also a question of OS you are running


I have been reviewing some of the disks that I have burnt in the past 2 months… and I am only recently been educating myself on the “art” of burning via this forum (thanks folks!).

I noticed a couple of interesting results.
I was ready to get rid of my Ritek G05 DVD-R 8x discs because of bad burns…
esp. when i borrowed a TY DVD+R disc to compare.
Then, I got curious to find out why some of my earlier disks i burnt were playing fine on my KLH DVD player (rebadged APEX 1220)…so i took one to check… I was surprised to find it to be a pretty good scan.

They key difference was that my previous scans were on the same DW-D18A burner with stock VS02 firmware… but on a Win2k PC.
I recently bought a new WinXP PC and moved my burner there… and then after some unsucesful burns - upgraded the firmware - only to realise that
WinXP SP2 was not compatible wth Nero - so downgraded to WinXP SP1… but results didn’t improve much.

So looks like OS plays a good role…
so here are my scans - based on which i made my observations.
1st scan: movie burnt in WinXP SP1 on Ritek G05 DVD-R
2nd scan: used above “Ritek G05” movie as source and burnt into Samsung (TY01) 4x disk. plays on my Sony DVD player (where no Ritek -R plays) perfectly. works fine on KLH player as well.

3rd scan: older scan of a diff movie on same batch of Ritek G05 8x DVD-R.
looks pretty good… haven’t tested this on Sony player. plays fine on KLH.
but the scan looks good, right ?

comments ?
has anyone else have a similar experience.

The key difference is your sample count. The last two scans are half the sample count of the first scan. The normal is the first scan, as most systems produce around 100,000 to 130,000 samples. This usual indicates that the system is very busy doing something else…

here is the 3rd scan - rescanned same disc when nothing else was running on the PC - this was on a win2k PC

Have you ever scanned the same disk twice? If you do that you may notice that the results may vary a lot. Kprobe is not very accurate…

I don’t understand what you mean when you say nero 6.0 is not compatable with win xp sp2. I use win xp sp2 and the latest version of nero and everything works great. You might want to update nero. Latest version is

Mort81, from what I can see he wrote Nero 6.0.0.x and that version is way old by now.

Version 6.6 is out, but I´m still on though. :wink:

Ya, I see that. I know there were some compatability issues with nero and sp2 when sp2 first came out, but those issues were resolved long ago.

but thats not the point. I have Nero 6.0 and XP SP1 and they work fine together.
What i am pointing out is the difference between the same movie backed up previously on the same batch of RITEK G05 DVD-R disk before on Nero 6.0 and Win2k - and later
with Nero6.0 and WinXP SP1

Since it is the same movie… I am wondering if others have noted a similar behavior ?
or - am i to understand that if i upgrade to SP2 and latest Nero 6.6 - things will improve ?

Anyways… I don’t have a choice to go t SP2 - as HP won’t support my PC anymore.


  • Sridhar