It just won't work anymore

Somebody PLEASE help me, i’m pulling out the hair i don’t have.

I have a pioneer106d-rw writer. updated the firmware to v1.07.
I burnt about 150 disks with no problems at all, but all of a sudden it don’t want to write, i used to be able to decrypt form this drive but as i have just found out it won’t even do that. I can decrypt the same film from my Matshita DVD-ROM. when trying to write am .iso file to dvd-rw i get “write error dvd 9”(when using Clonedvd). i’ve tried uninstall-reboot-install reboot and no change, i unistalled cdvd and installed cdvd2 still get same error.

dvd decrypter v3.1.7.0
anydvd v2.00.4

I personally don’t belive it to be the programs but i am newish to this, would cleaning the lens/laser within the dvd-rw help at all.

please help. i’m at my wits end with this S*&t


I think you MAY of mucked up on the firmware updating process, in other words…

You drive has been rendered pretty much useless, try and take it back to the shop.

Beware with firmwares, they can be hacked to bits sometimes, or just not for your model, and only advanced users :stuck_out_tongue: should only attempt firmware updating.

Did it stop as soon as you put the new firmware onto it? Or sometime after. If it was straight after then it could be that.

If the firmware is the only thing you ahve changed then it could be that. Programs can stop burners from working. One simply way would be to stick the drive into another machine and see if it works.

Have you tried putting the old firmware version back onto your drive. Some drive will let you do htis. There are also some tools that will allow you to do this even if your drive dosn’t.

I am also guessing that you downloaded the lastest firmware from the Pioneer website and not some hacked version off of the web somewhere.

merther02 I was reply hoping that was not the case but if thats that, then thats that. i got a reply stating that i might can downgrade d firmware so i might (sorry will) try that and ne other suggestions people might have,
many thanks for the prompt reply

womble cheers for the prompt reply.
The drive decided to stop b4 i decided to upgrade firmware AGAIN, it initially worked then i had this problem, so i decided to upgrade programs firmware an even uninstall programs, thinking that another program might have been causing a conflict.

Does any1 no of an program conflicts with :-
cdvd-dvd Decrypter-anydvd.

Where might I can get a program which can help with downgrading d firmware?


Thanks in advance LONGAS

Originally posted by longas
Where might I can get a program which can help with downgrading d firmware?


if you had made a backup of your original firmware first before upgrading/updating , you can use mtkflash for flashing your drive with that otherwise visit visit to download the suitable firmware which you had originally . i hope you understand .

There might be a problem with programs as well so I recommend you to take your drive and try it in another computer ( Womble`s Idea ) . :slight_smile: