It is worth it? Plex 712

I have a nec3500, I like my nec3500. The only thing it lacks is errorscanning like kprobe for liteon, cdspeed for the Benq or the Plextools for the Plextor. So I had a Liteon 832S but I have put that burner in my other pc, and I want to errorscan in this pc also, plus I need a fast burner. 12 Speed will do just fine, but I want to burn cheapish disc at fast speed. Like I always did with RICOH JPN R01 or R02. What kind of burner does bitsetting, burn numberous discs at 8X or 12X or even faster and does errorscanning? My guess was Plextor 712, Benq 1620, Liteon 832S or else. I have bought a Benq, but he is rma’ed because he is fucked up, I don’t trust Benq anymore because of that. Liteons aren’t that good e.g. 1213S, 1633S,… so perhaps a Plex 712? What kind of dvd’s burn at 8X or 12X with it?

This is supported media for 712a ( or (Plextor.US). My 712a is an excellent drive, actually burn faster @12x compare to BenQ 1620. Most recommended media can be burn at higher speed. These is some example.
RICOHJPN 4x @ 8x
TY T02 8x @ 12x

To answer your question, I’m very pleased with my 712a, and yes it’s worthed.

I’m interested in burning Prodisc R03, as I see, it’s supported up to 12X, any experiences?

MPO Media 12X (4X ~ 12X) DVD+R (8X) Sony 12X (4X ~ 12X) DVD+R (8X) GigaStorage 12X (4X ~ 12X) DVD+R (8X) Verbatim 12X (4X ~ 12X) DVD+R (8X) Prodisc Technology Inc 12X (4X ~ 12X) DVD+R (8X)

My Benq 1620 won’t go faster then 4X when creating a data disc in cdspeed and he just gives errors while burning a disc for real in nero. I get connection eror of somekind and burn process failed. I know the drive will be rma’ed but still, I wasted about 15 discs on it.
You can also browse the whole fw 1.05 thread, and see all the pros and cons.

I’ve always got very nice results on this media, even at 12x. At 8x the burns are just perfect. I’m using Intenso branded media. There is also some Datawrite Prodisc R03 media but this is of poorer quality and it doesn’t burn nearly that well as Intenso’s.

And in spite of the possible burn quality issues (if you are unlucky enough to pick up a problem one) PX712A is the best PIPO scanner around … so if you can get it for a decent price, I’d say go for it …

Together with your NEC this will cover pretty much everything.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve just wanted to order some Datawrite discs for 36 eurocent a piece.
Can I trust DATASAFE MCC 002?

Well i’m having all sorts of problems with my 712 (SATA) drive. So perhaps I will try a different model next time. Worked very well when i first got it… but it`s all been down hill since. I used DAtawrite Grey top 8x & Infiniti Blue top 8x. Plextor have a good RMA policy tho.

I’ve got the Plextor 712 burner and has worked great for me. I’ve used TY02 8x media to burn at 12x speed.

s0lar shame on you, ive seen you in the other forums, now it’s like your retreating to the darkside, read the track record of a 712, must be the biggest POS burner ever made, unless you were the lucky few who got a goodone.
I’ll tell you like wasting time burning and reading back disc’s because you want to see there errors so it makes you feel better is a joke, i let others do that, waste expensive media to do burn tests…whoopeee~~!!!
You already have the best burner…stop worrying about worthless PO/PI scans.
Buy a $20 liteon dvd-rom drive if it makes you happy.
And what if it does have a high rate of errors?, throw it away?, probably playback just as fine and last 100 yrs like the rest.
All i care about is playback on a standalone…if it freezes/skips, like my pos 708a makes @8x which in 8 firmwares hasnt been corrected yet
Get a Pioneer if your itchin to burn a hole in your wallet

If thats the case then I’d suggest CDfreaks remove this review from it’s site I’m sure people such as myself would base their purchase decision more on a CDfreak review than on Forum Logic.

Is the CDfreak review misleading people into buying a POS ? not in my case, my 712 works perfect on both DVD and CD-R/RW !

I know my Nec3500 is really good, but I can’t scan with it. I bought a faulty Benq and today I bought a good benq, now I can scan discs too. I throw a lot of money away…

My PX-712A, on which the CD Freaks review is based, is working perfectly so I have no intention to remove the review. My review drive works great and this has been confirmed by many other members. It’s unfortunate that people have problems with some drives but this can happen and will always happen with every manufacturer. You have to keep in mind that the people who visit forums are often people who have a problem with their drive. People whose drive is working as expected won’t go to forums and write about how great their drive is.

I am quite pleased with my PX-712A also. I have done quite a few scans with it and have found the scans to be consistent. If the PI/PO numbers are not good, I will see skips in a standalone player. I find running the disks thru the PX-712A to check the PI/PO numbers is much more efficient then playing the disk in a standalone player. I have been tossing disks with bad PI/PO numbers and skips are now a thing of the past. I would rather toss a few disks then have my viewing pleasure interupted or experience a data error. Doing scans allows me to feel confident that the combination of drive, media, firmware, software, speed and settings I am using is working well. Prior to doing scans I felt uncomfortable with the hit or miss strategy I was using.

Given my experience, I find it surprising that others have been disappointed with the scan capability of the PX-712A. I am looking forward to getting something to compare it to at some point. At the moment though , I am having a hard time talking myself into getting something else. I am finding it hard to get excited about any of the recent drives. They look very good, just not so exceptional that I feel the urge to run out and get one with the holiday expenditures right around the corner.

I am quite content using the PX-712A for scans and general duties, while using my ND-3500A as my burning workhorse.