It is taking a REALLY long time to burn stuff and won't play afterwards

Hi all, new to the forum so glad to be in the company of those who know!!

I’m really new (day 1 week 1) :confused: to all this so please bare with me…

dvd burner is SONY DRU-810A DVD ±RW/±R/CD Dual layer
software is Nero 6 (or 3, neither is working for me at the mo!)
trying to burn avi and windows media files onto a …
Verbatim DL DVD+R 8.5 disc.

Basically the promblem is that it is taking a REALLY long time to burn stuff, and when it does finally finish it wont play on my GRUNDIG GDV530.

I had a look at the forum last night and read a thread that went thru the settings on nero which i changed…in particular the “copy any type of file” check box which was unchecked on installation and had caused incompatability problems before this.

So… if anyone could offer any sugg’s as to why i may be having problems i would be really grateful.

before avi, wmv, mov, mpg files can be burned to a dvd disc and watched on a standalone dvd player they first must be converted to dvd compliant mpeg2 files, authored in a dvd authoring program then burned. Nerovision Express will do the lot. check your IDE Controller DMA settings in device manager too.

Try this program to convert the avi vsodivxtodvd After you convert the files you’ll have a VIDEO_TS folder. Open and Nero and pick ‘burn dvd video files’ and then burn. Try to always use quality discs, Fujis and Sonys made in Japan are really good. To convert the wmv files, the only program i’ve had any luck with is Winavi, though its not free. If you’re really serious about learning burning also try this site

If you want only burn avi on a DVD (without convert in vob) then you must choose “DATA dvd”, and not “video dvd”


thanks heaps!

will have a go with those replies and hopefully that’ll sort the problem out.
nice one


also, don’t forget some standalone DVD players will not play DL media unless it has been bitset to -Rom.