It is nice to read an uplifting story

With all the crap going on in the world it is refreshing to read about a person that went above and beyond to help another.

Doctor walks six miles in snow to perform life-saving brain surgery at Trinity Medical Center

[I][B]BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was at Brookwood Medical Center Tuesday morning when he was needed for emergency brain surgery at Trinity Medical Center.

The problem was the sudden snowstorm had locked down traffic, and the neurosurgeon didn’t get farther than a few blocks.

“The cell service was bad so we were fading in and out,” said Steve Davis, charge nurse in the neuro intensive care unit at Trinity. “At one point, I heard him say, ‘I’m walking.’”

Davis had alerted authorities, and they were looking for him. There were supposed sightings, but no one could find him.

“The police were looking for him,” Davis said.

Hours had gone by since the initial contact in the morning.

“He finally called me and said where’s the patient? What’s the status?” Davis said. “He spoke to the family and went off to surgery.”

It was an emergency surgery for a traumatic brain injury. Hrynkiw is Trinity’s only brain surgeon, Davis said.

“Without the surgery, the patient would have most likely died,” Davis said. “But he is doing well.”

Davis said he and colleagues at Trinity were estimating the hike to the Montclair Road hospital at about eight miles, although Google Maps puts it at about six.[/B][/I]

Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw deserves millions of dollars and endless gratitude just for this sort of awesomeness and dedication.