It is just me or do plextors suck?

Guess I’m kind of an oddball here because my reasons for buying Plextor are/were quietness and reliability. My first Plextor the 712A has filled my expectations and so I decided to get the 716A, even though my 712A was working fine – I just wanted to have one drive for burning and the other for playing CD’s.

Well, the 716A took a dive and RMA replacement lasted a 2-3 months and I gave up. I now purchased the 760A, giving Plextor one last chance to prove they are worth the money for me.

Maybe I’m lucky,but I’d never has a single issue with my Plextors.I’d purchased all of them from Newegg.The 716 and 760 are the best dvd+r dl burners I’d ever test (see here).With my recently acquired Plextor 760, I’d tested more than 10 different mediacodes, and I’m pretty satisfied with it’s burn quality. :bigsmile:

BenQs can overburn but not small overburn. It can only overburn 4493MB and higher. If you try to do small overburn betwen 4483-4492MB, it will hang your system. You should stop by Benq forum more often. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still very happy with my workhorse 712A and 716A. If 760 supports overburn after a firmware update as eltranguil explained here, I might get one just for fun. One or two burners are not enough! After you got more than 10, they are still not enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

[nice to see you back ftp1020]

I would agree power supply is probably your issue…I had a bad one kill 3 sata harddrive and one dvd writer at one time. power supply was outputting crazy voltage. Replaced it with a Antec Truepower II 550 never had a issue since. :iagree:

The 2 716s and the 712 I have burn very nicely and I never had issues so either you just have bad luck or something else is causing your issues.

I use Plextools every day…most power users will use them…for your average joe maybe not

Um the warrenty is one year your two months past it…whats the issue?? No company is going to honor that…I have benqs that died liteons that died…it happens!

Thanks for the welcome back, but my last visit there will hold me for a while. A long while. :rolleyes:

I’m still very happy with my workhorse 712A and 716A. If 760 supports overburn after a firmware update as eltranguil explained here, I might get one just for fun. One or two burners are not enough! After you got more than 10, they are still not enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’m just not into the whole hobby aspect to DVD burner ownership. I bought a sh*tload of MCC004 and Yuden T02s a couple of months back, and so I don’t even look at the scans threads anymore.

You want to know what my issue is? Here, read what great numbers of users are telling about px-716 after one year of use…and tell me who’s the odd one. I am one of them.

Overall rating is 4 stars out of 5…Obviously the majority of the buyers had a good experience.

It is a good burner, just let down by really really shite build quality.

If you’re lucky and get a good one (Or two, like that git DrPino :D) then it’ll burn the most error-free clean discs that you’ll ever see.

If you don’t, then you’re pretty much screwed.
If you live in Europe, you’re in with a chance because Plextor Belgium have quite possibly the best Tech Support in the world (Koen De Backer FTW! :D), but nontheless it’s a massive hassle.

Hell, I RMA’d mine a whole bunch of times (4-5 IIRC), and thought I got a good once, but now it’s dying on me again and I can’t be bothered to RMA it anymore.

If they would just put the same kind of effort into the design and manufacturing process as they did for their SCSI drives (Now THOSE were built properly!) in the Good Old Days then people like me would be a lot happier and far more likely to be repeat customers…

Some have said that if Plextor went back to manufacturing in Japan, we wouldn’t see so much variability between individual drives.

Where are the Plextor burners manufactured at the moment? Taiwan? China?


Yes most of the newegg customers about 80% are neutral or positive what’s the issue? Buy a extended warrenty if you want longer coverage. Like I said before, every drive maker has defective drives, I own about every major brand, and I have had bad drives from just about every manufacter. Also it sounds like if your drive was working fine for 14 months, I would say it would be more of another issue that ruined your drive?? Power Supply? Surge? Bad Flash? many reasons that a Drive will go bad other than defects.

most of the regs around here already know how i feel about my 4 plexes :flower: (:wave: @ Cyker)…

i also agree that for the average user, many of the less expensive alternatives are just fine…btw, aren’t retail Pioneers just a little less than plextors @ ~$90-110 in your local BB, CC, Staples?

only burning T02 and MCC004 as ftp already mentioned is really the play these days with any drive.

i’m with those who say shoddy PSUs can possibly be a contributing factor to chronic plextor death syndrome…i wonder how RMAs affected plextor’s margins :confused:

This is very weird…For weeks I wasn’t able to get my px-716a to burn any CDs or DVDs so I took it out from the system (550W true-power, P4 3.4Ghz,
2GB Corsair and ATI 9800 Pro).

Today I decided to give one more shot before I trash this drive. What do you know, this drive is now working…buring DVDs and CDs.

Nothing changed…only thing I did was I took out the drive and put it back in.
Can’t explain but hope it stays that way…

I would just blame it on windows…it is a very bad operating system, most likely a driver file was corrupted, and when you readded it windows reinstalled the driver automatically. Glad you got it working again.

It must be a fair bit, but I guess a chunk of the price goes into funding their tech support. There should be incentive there for them to make better quality drives so they don’t get RMA’ed to death so much 'tho… I’m under the impression that the 716 has had much higher returns/RMA than most of their other drives…

At the moment, my tech support experience is the main plus-point with Plextor that still might me get another one, assuming they stop doing evil anti-Linux things and sort out the build quality and longevity of their drives.
I still have nightmares over my support experiences with LiteOn (Which is to say they don’t have any… You need to treat LiteOns like OpenSource stuff - i.e. Supported by the Community…!)

Just because one Plextor drive isn’t working for you doesn’t mean they all suck.

If you browse other drive manufacters forums you will find about the same amount of complaints some examples:

I would say 75% of issues with drives are the machine or operating system compatability or software corruption issues, about 25% actual defects. Then from the 25% of defects, most likely over half are caused by crossflashing, bad psu, surges, using bad media, etc. that are not true defects.