It is going to happen



I have been saying since 1980 When I got my first commodore 64 that one of these days we are going to go to the movies and see our actors acting even though they are died. My wife I am sure thinks I am crazy but I will live long enough to see John Wayne in a new movie.
With computers, they are going to generate the actors as they now do with animals and such, then they are going to have stand-ins a nobody to do the acting. Then they will superimpose the star like John Wayne over the other actor. They will then use a computer to generate the voice feed. In time I keep telling my wife we will have favorite actors in movies that are not even real people. Your beginning to see a little bit of this now, but in time movies will be all done with the computer, and you will not even be able to tell the difference.
What are all the high paid actors and agents going to do then? I just hope that I am around to see the look on my wife face when she has to set though a new western with John Wayne in it and listen to say I told you so since 1980


Final Fantasy forever!


The hell they will…


I don’t want Jerry Lewis to come back to acting… :frowning:


This will not likely happen anytime soon and NO, CGI will not completly replace actors, ever…Imagine now what a 1 minute shoot takes to produce - You can only imagine an entire movie based on CGI, with lifelike rendering for it to be realistic as the real thing - it would be very time consuming as each frame would have to be rendered individually and film is 24 frames per seconds - Even on today’s fastest computers it would be time consuming. It will NOT fully replace actors, it will be used as a tool to help enhance the film with visual effects, even add fictional actors, but never replace existing ones.


Time consuming for who? The people doing most of this one of these days will be a computer like everything else CGI price and time will come way down.


Takes months to get a couple of actors to do the right things …
What if, the director is the only employee, besides the animator, & tells the actors exactly what they have to do and get’s it right the first time.

Oops, more lights over here please … click, click … done.

It’s not as far off as people seem to think.