It is better to burn your CDRs in Mode 2/XA than Mode 1



My mother has an older 6x Toshiba cdrom drive in her computer and I could never figure out why it wouldn’t read my cds that I burned on any media that I experimented with.

Recently, I decided to try Mode 2/XA that I had not tried before on experiments with that computer.

It worked perfectly.

Research on Mode 2/XA shows that it’s actually also a data format of size 2048 as well when used for computer data.

Therefore for the widest compatibility with older hardware one should probably use Mode 2/XA as a matter of habit. All modern devices would read it fine also.

Just thought someone might appreciate this info. You’d be surprised to know that there are still ancient audio CD players out there as well as some Windows 95 boxes still in service.