It is a error?

Dear friends, I appreciate your guidance on this matter.

I live in Nicaragua and I bought a car, but in six months the radio now fails to read music discs.

The technician said that is because the laser is weak, and it happens because a bad copied disk make the radio to put more power in the laser to try to read the disk, killing the laser.

It said user fault, no guarantee!!!

It is curious for me, first notice that the radio modifies the power to the laser trying to obtaining a good signal,

And, second, it means that the radio is designed to put more power in the laser than the design spec. of the laser!!!

Any comments are welcomed !!!

From beautifully Managua !!

Milton Bertin

What a load of crap! Only on a dealership u would hear smth like that. If your radio can play recordable cds at all means thats what it suppose to do for long long time, not half a year. Try to clean laser pickup with one of those cleaning disks. If it doesnt work, ask your dealership to give u their head office mail address. There should also be some consumer protection agency sponsored by the state.

Total BS , go over the technician, fight this one.

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