It has begun,,,



Looks like DVDRextreme is on the move as I type this. Here is the message I recieved just moments ago.

dvdrextreme forums are closed due to a server move. …

Please try back later




Saw that a short time ago as well.


Yep same here guys :smiley:


saw it to, but, what has begun?


read the thread below this one :wink: if it makes sense …LOL


but this is the one below your one :eek:

it is all as clear as mud :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


LG Software acquired (bought?) Dvdrextreme from KT. Part of the deal was that KT would move the forum over to an LG server. That’s what has begun.


ive never been forwards at coming backwards :confused: :confused: :confused:


Hey folks You also have to realise that Someone at LG Software Innovations will have to learn the Vbulletin software so it may take a little longer then everyone wishes or thinks!

It is a great piece of forum software but not easy for those without experience with it!


Won’t KT be staying on for a while until everything is running smooth. KT has done a good job of late and the forum of OLD was rocking.


That is a question I cannot answer!


With the forum going corporate, will Shanon and Simple get to keep their “MOD” status? Or do they even want to now?


hey doug i believe simple packed in just as the changeover took place


That was a big loss as he was doing a great job :wink: :iagree:

Hey they have some good smileys over here. :eek:


so your off work now :cool: grab a beer :wink:

as for simple he had his reasons but is unwilling to discuss them at this time i know this guy kinda on a personal level :wink: but i think he will be back wilder than ever rather soon :iagree:


still oncall until midnight and on again tomorrow as well :doh: :Z

tell him to take his time, things are running fine just now :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
J/K :flower: :bow: :bow:


KT must still be having problems.
the link to the LG forum now shows this :eek: :eek:


which link are you clicking alex … im getting a different display??


if you click the forum link on the main lg software page you now get this. previously you got a LGforum page c/w logo but that has now disappeared


I got the same one Alex!