It doent really process the files. HELP



I´ve been ripping my dvd´s with smart ripper and then processing them with dvd2one for several months with no problems.
But since some weeks ago, after ripping, when I start dvd2one to process the files, after 4 or 5 minutes it says “succesfully finished processing” but the result is:

VTS_01_0.BUP (12 KB)
VTS_01_0.IFO (12 KB)
VTS_01_1.VOB (0 KB)

Anyone knows what am I doing wrong.

Thanks guys.


What OS and version of Dvd2one are you using ?

Also … may be a silly question but you’re not short of Hard disk space are you ?


same thing being discussed in this thread.


Hi phil, and hi jwo.

Ok. I´ve read something similar to my question in another thread written some time ago, but it didnt really get to the problem.

Now phil, thanks for your interest, and I´ll say. i´m using XP SP1 with P4 2,4 and 1,5 Gb Ram. and its being working perfectly for a couple of months.

And yes, I´m running out of space in one HD which I´m not using for this matter, and in the other one I still have 12 Gb free.


The reason I asked about your free disk space, was because I answered a similar query some time back, where Dvd2one finished before processing the whole task.

It turned out to be lack of Hard disk space that caused the guy’s problem.

Bear in mind that a ripped DVD can take up to 7-8gb, then the space required by Dvd2one is 4.36gb. Then there are overheads in XP (Virtual memory etc.) so it’s possible that 12 gb is not quite enough.

It might be worth trying to archive some stuff off, to free up another gb or so and see if that helps.