It Burns and at the end shows me blank DVD

Hey guys,

This is my first posthope that some one can help me.

I have a Asus Notebook A6Va with the TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A, im using the latets NERO burning software “Nero 7 premium” and im using SONY DVD-R “AccuCORE” DVD’s.

At the beging it didnt give me any problem (was using version of nero that came with the NOTEBOOK) i think it may be the software that is uncompatible with the DVD, but i dont know, is it something else? I dont have the old Nero, lost it…

I insert a blank DVD and I start the burning process ive tryed at “4x” it burns succesfully, but then when Nero ejects the DVD at the end, and I put it back in the DVD is BLANK nothing on it! Crazy hein!?

extra info: 4.5G at 4x burns in aproxamite time 12 min.
4.5G at 8x burns in aproxamite time 7/8 min.

I have already trashed 3 DVD’s, they are expensive.

Hope someone can inlight me in this problem.
Thanks in ADVANCE!

what media are you using?

Sorry my lack of understanding what do you meanby media?

disk make/brand

Sony as i wrote in the first post SONY DVD-R “AccuCORE” (8x/1x)

check if dma is enabled in device manager

In the nero INFOTOOL i shows me that its enable…

there is a SYSTEM ASPI that show “not installed”…maybe its nothing
and if I chose Nero ASPI it shows > is installed and working properly it says…

Maybe you just selected the Image Recorder as Recording Device? My sis had the same problem :wink:


Nop, i choose TSST, and it chooses it automatacly, either way i certified… :S
Its shows me blank DVD in the laptop but the DVD is BURNED…

Eh, if it burned, and it did, then it cannot be BLANK.

The problem you have is only from some quirky drivers, not from the drive or media!
And SONY -R is not expensive.

I know its not blank the question is… WHY DOESNT it show nothing on the windows explorer?

SONY -R case 50 DVD about 75€. I thinks its expensive…

You mean “why does it show nothing…”?? Because of some drivers that are clashing in the background…

Try uninstalling the ide channels in devicemanager, then restart.
Also uninstall software like incd and alcohol and daemon tools.
Also delete the Upper & Lower filters - see my sig.

They would cost the half if you’d buy them in a spindle. :wink:

I have Alcoohol… well… im going to try it… post back soon!

SONY -R case 50 DVD about 75€. I thinks its expensive…[/quote]
They would cost the half if you’d buy them in a spindle. ;)[/QUOTE]It depends on his location;) There are countries with much higher taxes. Sony 16x DVD+/-R were available in local stores for 25€/50pcs spindle recently.


Well im getting pissed…

I tryied burnind a CD-R and it burns and works… but its still doing the same with DVD’s… WHY oh why!!! :S