Hi all,
Anyone know if the instantwrite packet software (part of instant cd), produces ccompilation CDs (from explorer) which can be read
in any computer CD without any additional software ?
I read that you may have to ‘finalise’ the CD , but does this mean that you can never write to the CD again!
I have the instantwrite installed, but cannot find the finalise option, any helpful suggests ?
Also if CDs cannot be read in all CDROMs without software, what software can you use to do this and where can you get it ?
I’ve moved from DIRECTCD 2 cause it does’nt recog my new liton 40x, I tried INCD but can only use CDRW + cds cannot be played in all computers. Instantwrite is ok,and integrated into the OS and can write to CDRs which is great, but it seesms only DIRECTCD can produce compile discs which can
be read in all computers, which is why it’ll always be superior to other packet software (please correct me if wrong).
Reallt need more help advise on instant write capabilities.

thanks for reading/replying

you need to finalize the disc or the burnsoftware that you u used should be installed at the other pc aswell, if not finalized or software not installed then it won’t work

well, as i originally asked how do you finalise the CD in Instant Write and will you be able to ‘unfinalise’ the CD later and continue to copy and delete from it or is the CD then closed for future copying ??. Also is this finialise similar to Direct CD which when you press eject asks you if you want to format the data to be read in any computers CD drive.???
I never seem to get asked about finalising the CD/CDRW media when i eject it,even thoughin the Drive prperties there is a tick against ‘show finialise before a disc is ejected’.
Am I doing somthing wrong? or is there conditions to be met before instantwrite askes if a cd is to be finialised.
Advise and experience most welcomed.

Also where do you find the easyreader software to install on another computer to read these CDs. Is it safe to use on other people computer and also is it compatible with Windows NT.

any suggestiond from you experts!!