Issues with Verbatim media

I recently started having issues with Vebatim 4x BD-R (non-LTH) media. They burn fine and the transfer rate and verify test shows no problems after the burn. I cannot scan for errors with my burner. A few weeks later I try to copy files from the disc and the drive cannot read certain files (towards the end of the disk). I do a transfer rate in Nero disc speed and this is what comes up (see attached image)

Therefore I scan another BD-R disc and surely enough another read error towards the end of the disc. There appears to be no apparent damage as I am always very careful with my media and as all my other DVDs and CDs I store them in a big binder.
But with this second disc I am able to copy the content onto my HD.

I also had a third disc with similar read problems towards the end of the disc, but I am able to copy the content as well…

Any suggestions what this might mean, if I just have a bad batch of media or anything else could be happening?

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I just tried to copy the contents of the first mentioned disc to my HD and everything was OK. Even the transfer rate test in ODC was flawless. Not sure what’s happening here. :o:confused: