Issues with updated CloneDVD2

Hi y’all. I updated to CloneDVD2 and seem to have an issue with the estimated copy quality (the bar graph at the bottom prior to burning) showing a lower quality than prior versions. I used to be able to get 100% quality in the bar graph with just about anything under 120 mins. With the new version, I noticed that similar length titles are now getting around the 90-94% estimates. I then tried some others that I definately got 100% quality before, and these are now showing in the 95% range? I checked history of the releases and I don’t see any transcoding changes? I also have had a few other quirks with, some error about it couldn’t preview the dvd because a previous copy attempt possibly corrupted something?? Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar since upgrading? It was fine with just the last release ( and doesn’t look like much changed with the new release? I also upgraded AnyDvd to at the same time (from the also recent, but I’m not so sure it’s the AnyDvd (could it be)? Like I said, I have had NO issues with previous releases of Cone or Any until just upgrading both to their current releases the other day?? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.