Issues with update for Windows 10 October 2018 update prevent seeking in Windows Media Player

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An update to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is causing issues with Windows Media Player and setting some Win32 applications as default. The issue comes after the October update has been frequently in the news for other issues.

Microsoft needs to abandon the six month update schedule. Releasing updates with better quality testing is far more important than some artificial deadline.

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There is also an issue with notifications with the October release (1809). If you have the setting to not allow apps to run in the background then the display will indicate the number of notifications you have but none will be displayed. The only fix at this point is to allow all apps to run in the background. I have three machines and all three are running on version 1809 and only one machine has this problem. I do not know what is different about this one machine versus the other two, but it is definitely annoying.

Who actually uses Windows Media Player anymore?

Pot Player x64 (i.e. ) is flat out the best in my mind for just about any video format a computer will play and for audio I default to Foobar2000.

I prefer NFOPad (i.e. ) for basic txt file stuff.