Issues with the 3520, please read



Hi everyone, I appreciate all the advice on this forum and just have a few specific quesitons for you…

I bought the black one from newegg, and i use nero info tool to get drive info.

I updated to stock firmware 1.25, use the newest nero.

In the info tool, it says the max speed is 8x, and the check boxes next to dvd-r DL are not checked… can anyone explain this to me? I know that typcially nero limits speed based on media, but ifigured with the info tool it was reading some internal information on the dvd drive it self, so I beleive the dvd-r DL and the 16x should have both shwon up. Do i have a defective drive??

Thanks for the help



Post a Screenshot.


As you can see with my 3500 it shows read and write speeds for cd-r

And the only thing not checked is DVD-RAM and Mt. Rainer


you mean dvd r.


Here is a screenshot… as you can see, nero now sees the 48x capability, i guess… but what about dvd-r DL being there?? Does anyone else have the 3520 and get this box checked?

I attached the screenshot… dont know if that works


Just remember this and you’ll be ok… :Z NERO SUCKS!!!
This is the same drive on the same pc. :confused:
Try DVDINFO and see what it says.
I did update Nero but it still sucks. :Z


It doesn’t support DVD-R DL yet, does it!?

The displayed write speed will depend on the type of media in the drive, if the media in question only supports up to 8X you will not see 16X.

Brother Vlad


Wow, I missed that. Hes right. :slight_smile:


A firmware update, due in March 2005 from NEC will give proper -R DL support