Issues with SHW-1635S and DL

I have been using with success a Liteon SHW-1635S for sometime with normal DVD-R of many brands. Now I bought an Xbox 360 and wanted to use the Liteon drive for backups on DVD+R DL.

I have the firmware 1635S.YV6P.patched-fbd (which I believe is the latest unofficial for this drive).

The main problem is to understand howthe firmware is affecting the media recording and I would like a short description from someone understanding it better than me.

Main problem:

  • I have bought some disks called MediaRange, mediacode:RICOHJPND01C.
    They are sold as 2.4x disks. They work well for friends, but I don’t understand why the above Liteon firmware sees them and forces their writing at speeds of 4x, 6x,or 8x. Basically all choices above the rated maximum disk speed. Is there anyway to change this and let the firmware understand this media type has no capabilities to achieve high speeds and should be recorded at lower pace?

  • I attempted recording both with Xbox backup creator (which does not let me choose anything expect 4x,6x,8x) and DVDecrypter (which lets me choose 1x but then writes at 4x!). The copies are good on layer one and rubbish on layer 2

I will publish a separate message to discuss those results, but would like your help in understaning how to force the burner to burn slower!!!

Scan at 4x instead of max.