Issues with RV32 Playback

Using Memorex, Verbatim, Ritek and Sony media DVD-R’s, the Panasonic player (RV32) pixelates, skips, and hangs. I have two Rv32 Players, both do the same thing.

Using Nero, and HP530i (DVD-ROM book setting).

It took the same discs and played them in my sony 5-disc DVD Player and my new Phillips DIVX Player - there was no pixelation, freezing, or hanging.

What could be the problem. The RV32 supports DVD-Rs - the media is of good quality.

The RV32 are now sitting in storage due to them not playing home made dvds

I know this problem with this dvd player.I got him to.

I use Philips DVD+R with booktype to DVD-R.

Picture quality is then verry good.