Issues with Optorite CW4802 48/16/48 CD-RW Burner


I have approximately 3 CD-Rs remaining from my old 100-disc spindle of Verbatim DataLife blanks that I can use. These are Mitsubishi discs (as one would expect from a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical), and have burned very few coasters for me over the past year or two.

Here’s my problem. I picked up a 50-pack of Imation CD-Rs to refill, and the CW4802 wouldn’t play nice with the discs - CMC Magnetics blanks - so I flashed the firmware from the 160G that it came with a couple years ago - was branded as a Verbatim drive - to the 160E on the Optorite website. Still no dice on the discs. Took 'em back, exchanged 'em for a 50-pack of TDKs. Also CMC Magnetics, no dice. At this point, I became paranoid that maybe the firmware did something unhealthy, so popped one of my remaining Verbatim discs into the drive and fired it up; clean as a whistle, Z-CLV at 24/32 by zone in CDSpeed. By comparison, I’m getting NO SEEK COMPLETE on the CMC discs.

So, I get fed up, and my wife picked me up a 100-pack of Verbatim Datalife CD-Rs at Sam’s Club the other day, since I KNOW Verbatims work.

Except that they don’t, and this is really, REALLY annoying the piss out of me. The sleeve for the cover even lists “Subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemicals” and Made in India, so I’m assuming they’re actually Moser Baer India discs made with Mitsubishi chemicals. InfoTool/CDSpeed report manufacturer as Unknown, but I’ll be bugging the Media forum next on the specifics of this disc.

Here’s my question, though. Is there any way that this idiocy could be explained? Does the CW4802 happen to have an aversion to discs with yellow dye? (All the discs I’ve tried that it’s choked on are yellow-dye; the ones that work, which are old, are blue-dye.) I was hoping to pass this burner on to someone who might be able to use it once I can upgrade to a DVD±RW drive, but if it won’t read any of the media currently available out there, there’s no place to put it but the trash.

Can anyone point me to some in-depth on this drive? I’m really not finding much, and it’s really annoying to know that when I was clueless, I got my wife an LTR-40125S LiteOn without realizing that it was a far superior drive to mine. :slight_smile: I can’t just pull it from her system though, so knowing whether or not this thing is salvageable would be of great help.


How did you flash the Verbatim cw4802 with the Optorite 160E? Everytime I try it with the winupdate program, it gives me an error “the model name” or “D-001” this is with 150F and even 100E. I currently have 120G

My Verbatim Cw4802 burns well with CMC magnetics at 32 speed. at 48X it doesnt burn well enough for other drives to read it. One out of 5 CD drives I have can read a 48X burned CMC.