Issues with norton 2005

Anyone have problems with this while recording?


I had problems with ANYTHING Norton years ago and haven’t used any of their $hit since then-


using Symantec Antivirus CE 9.0 here and never had any problems while recording or doing anything else. dont know how the consumer norton antivirus 2005 version is tho. supposed to be a lot bigger and resources hungry.

me too

Yo Ghosters-

Thanks for the props Bra-


I also had problems with Norton Anty Virus. It detects bugger all.
Old John

Used to LOVE Norton products back in the day… now I won’t touch ‘em with a 10’ pole. Total junk. Get yourself something that actualy WORKS, AND is free. Download AVG 7 free edition after you wrestle that Norton crap off you machine. Only hitch, NEVER be burning when there’s an automatic scan schedueled to start soon! :wink:

Another good link, while we’re on the subject is I learned LONG AGO that, as good as one virus scanner may be, running a second from time to time DOES in fact, occasionaly pick up a bug that another had missed.

itz only a scanner. but itz one of the best there is. no install needed. updated every 7 days or so.
tick all boxes. click start. choose a drive or folder to scan/ok
if an infection or potential infection-causing file is located it warns you.