Issues with Nec 3520A

I recnetly got a new comp and moved a working nec 3520a over. Now it is acting all goofy, it plays DVD’s and CD’s but messes up with blank DVD’s It goes from thinking it is a dvd -rw to a cd drive. I am using the same media I used before from the same spindle. I have the most recent firmware, and it is set as the slave just like the last comp. I tried unistalling then reinstalling it with no luck.

No DVD + R

Insert DVD + R

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@ ajp,

The phenomena you are experiencing is not unusual.

My NEC ND-3500AG installed in a WinXP system and my NEC ND-2510A installed in a Win2000 system does exactly the same thing when I install blank DVD media in the drive.

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rest assured, ur drive is fine
happens to me as well, on my nec 3520a
as long as burning programs recognize that there is a blank disc in there that can be written to, i don’t think you should spend too much time worrying about this.

Very old problem and, agreed, nothing to worry about. Just windows playing stupid.

Ok if it isnt a deal then thanks.