Issues with MoviePro.Net double-charging

Has anyone had issues with MoviePro.Net overcharging for services? I am currently trying to get a refund for a double-charge and was wondering if anyone else has had problems with this company. I am new to downloading movies and think I should have done more research for selecting this company. offer you downloads with a minimal fee, but if you read their copyright policy you will quickly figure out that they are located in Russia & YOU will be held responsible for the laws in YOUR country. I know here in the United States, it is ILLEGAL to download these movies.

Wow, I was getting the idea that the site was not legit. They have cancelled my account and are going to refund my money. I will post on that when it happens. Yep, I should have done more research – I was leaving the next early for a trip and wanted a movie to watch on the plane – an it was late. Learned my lesson though, pay more attention before ordering. When I went to the site to post my complaint and saw “It complicated” available for download – I thought then this is not good. Thanks for the info. Can you recommend a legit site for me?

The MPAA has a list of legal sites, most of which are for streaming video, not for permanent ownership. There are some that allow you to buy over the net though, like Itunes, Amazon and Roxio Cinemanow.