Issues with GSA-4120b

hi, i’ve had this drive for about a couple yrs now with no issues, but it stopped reading dvd’s and cd’s recently, and about anything else i shove in there. When i explore the drive in my computer it asks to insert a disc, assuming it’s empty

any help would be great, since i don’t know what to do next


Hello djjowr and welcome to the forum.

Drive might be dead but we won’t know for sure that it isn’t some software/rogue driver causing the problem. Can you connect the drive to another system to test it? That’s the best way to rule out the software/driver angle.

I have the same problem with a GSA-H10A, just suddenly happened for no reason. My drive is about 2 months old and has only burnt about 5 discs in total. No troubles before at all.

Here is how i fixed the problem:

I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, both the drive and IDE controller, wouldn’t read disks
I tested the drive in DOS, still wouldn’t read.
I tested the drive as a single drive on IDE, still wouldn’t read.
I tested the drive in a different machine, still wouldn’t read.

From this point one could assume the drive as dead. If under warranty, get it replaced.

I remember years ago an old CD-ROM did a similar thing to me. Being a curious fellow, i opened the casing and very carefully slid the lens mechanism backward and forward once (Based on the theory that this had locked up). Voila, it worked, and continued to work flawlessly for about 2 years afterward.

I applied this same theory to todays scenario. I am reading all disks again, and burning disks with no problems. For the sake of a $30, cheaply manufactured drive, this saved me another $30 and a trip to my hardware supplier.

Hope this information is of assistance to anyone.

My old faithfull slogan: Don’t ask me why…It just works. :smiley:

Happy Days.


Hello nnnownow and welcome to the forum.

I might be able to explain why it worked. :slight_smile: Most probably the lubrication on the rails that the lens mechanism slides on was spread unevenly, or they used cheap grease which dried up at certain points on the rail. So the lens mechanism got stuck. By moving it up and down, you got the unstuck the thing and also spread the lubrication around again. Other people have had issues with the lubrication on the rail too.

Thanks for the solution, btw but you do know that you might have killed your warranty coverage right?

thanks for the quick replies…im going to try hooking the drive up to another system, and then attempt to re-grease it…The drive hasnt been used much (my dads comp) so i cant see it being dead, but the drive is sticky now that i look at it, someone must have introduced the element of coca cola

ill post with the results
thanks everyone

Yikes! I hope you don’t mean literally sticky with cola!

Anyway, here is a guide for regreasing the rails of an LG DVD writer :